About Skincare and wellness Market in India

The total skin care market is estimated to be around Rs. 3,400 Cr. The total size of the Indian retail beauty and cosmetics market is currently estimated at $950 million. The overall beauty and wellness market, which includes beauty services, is $2.68 billion. The cosmetics market in India is growing twice as fast as that of the United States and European market. However, The skin care market is at a primary stage in India. The penetration level of this segment in India is around 20 per cent. The improvement of medical technology also fuels the growth of the market in India. Major companies active in this segment include Hindustan Lever; Godrej Soaps, Colgate-Palmolive, Marico, Dabur and Procter & Gamble. The skin care market can be segregated into toners, cleansers, sunscreens, anti-wrinkle creams, dark circle removing creams, astringents, facial creams, moisturizers, fairness creams, day and night-creams.

Drivers of the Industry

  • Growing worldwide wealth
  • Changing consumer lifestyle
  • Globalization
  • Celebrity endorsement increases consumers’ awareness and interest

About Skinsecrets.in

Skinsecrets.in is an initiative to help consumers find the best rated skincare spa, saloons , clinics and produdcts using web technology. In current market scenario if consumer wants to find out which is good spa, saloon or clinic in a particular city or area there is no authentic information available. One has to do a seach in popular search engine which gives thounsands of results which utimately adds more confusion.

On Skinsecrets.in consumers can search for spa, saloons , clinics or products and get the details like address , time of operations , contact details , special offers and ratings and reviews of real users or those who have visited this palce. This ratings and reviews can help a potential consumer to decide whether he/she should visit that place or not.

Skinsecrets.in helps service providers by providing a dedicated platform where all the qualified traffic or qualified leads come. In current scenario if service providers wants to market their services they have to do on many different platforms which is not only costly but also very tideos task because each platform whether online or offline needs a level of expertee to make sure your ROI is better then what you are spending on them.

Due to cut throat competition in skincare segement service providers needs to make sure that the marketing budget is spend wisely and gives good ROI which Skinsecrets.in plays vital rold in it.


@Skinsecrets.in we can forsee a huge change in the way consumers select a particular spa,saloon,clinics or products. Consumers are moving towards using more online / internet tools to find out product/service details , reviews and ratings than then makes final decision to choose the best one.

By 2025 India will have 700 Million internet users searching for service providers , their details and ratings and reviews. Skinsecrets.in will play a crucial role in this internet economy.


@Skinsecrets.in we want to touch base each indiviual consumer and service prodvider in Skincare segement to use our platform and levrage online technology to enhance their lives.

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