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  • kaya skin clinic priceing

    What Are The Pricing of Skin Treatment at Kaya Skin Clinic


    List of Kaya Skin Clinic Pricing On the one day in your life when all eyes are on you, you just have to look your very best. Yet, with all the stress and chaos of preparing for the big day, there’s something very important that often gets neglected You. At times like this, you need…

  • Face Shape

    Which Hair Cuts Suit For Your Face Shape


    What’s your face shape ? Most women will say that their face is round, but most faces are usually one of eight basic shapes. Ask yourself : What’s the widest part of your face your forehead or your jaw? Or maybe it’s neither and your cheekbones are the widest. Look at your chin, is it…

  • Indian Wear Hair Styles
    Celebrity Hair Stylists

    Know More About Bollywood Actresses Hair Style


    Indian Wear Bollywood Celebrities Hair Styles. From head to toe, stars of silver and screens need to carry their charm and personality in everything they do. Indian celebrity hairstyles express cutting edge hip and flair that also influence trends and fads besides expressing a celebrity’s charm. Indian fashion and style is largely ruled by the…

  • hairstylists
    Celebrity Hair Stylists

    Bollywood’s Top Celebrity Hair Stylists


    Bollywood’s Top Celebrity Hair Stylists The last few years have seen a fashion revolution of sorts in Bollywood. Stars are more conscious of what they wear, are style-aware and are finally inching towards being worthy of those “style icon” tags And at the helm of this change is an army of super stylists. So we…

  • Benefits of Amla

    Whats are the Health Benefits of Amla and Amla Juice


    Amla fruit is sour in taste,with sweet, bitter tastes. Amla’s qualities are light and dry and its energy is cooling. 😀 Amla Juice Benefits for Skin, Hair and Health for Men and Women. Amla, also known as emblic, emblic myrobalan, myrobalan, Indian gooseberry, Malacca tree from Sanskrit amalika, is a deciduous tree of the family Phyllanthaceae. It…

  • Aalim Hakim
    Celebrity Hair Stylists

    Aalim Hakim Bollywood Hair Stylist


    Famous Bollywood Hair Stylist Aalim Hakim. Aalim Hakim is one of the leading India’s iconic celebrity hairstylists working with Bollywood stars. Popular second-generation hairstylist Aalim Hakim has contributed significantly to the country’s hair styling scene. Hakim, who is a favorite of many Bollywood actors, Li the tricks from his father, Halim Kairanvi, who has styled…

  • Dilshad Pastakia
    Celebrity Hair Stylists

    Dilshad Pastakia Bollywood Hair Stylist


    Dilshad Pastakia, The name is well known in the Mumbai hair industry. She started work at an amazingly young age of 15. At 19, she went off to the UK to further study the science of hair. She came back to work in her mother’s salon. Her breakthrough happened when she got an opportunity to…


    Health Benefits of Tulsi Leaves | Basil Health Benefits


    Best Holy basil health benefits: Tulsi Is also known as the basil leaves, is a fairly common plant in the Indian households. Considered holy by many religions, the tulsi plant is revered for its divine properties. Tulsi leaves benefits for health.The antioxidants present in tulsi helps to prevent premature aging by destroying free radicals that…

  • Ambika Pillai
    Celebrity Hair Stylists

    Ambika Pillai Bollywood Hair Stylist


    A well-known name in the world of hair and beauty Ambika Pillai is a celebrated makeup artist that is successful in a number of ways. The beauty and hair expert runs several salons in New Delhi as well as her home state, Kerala. Add to that her own makeup brand ‘Ambika Pillai’ as well as…

  • Latest Beauty Trends

    9 Latest Beauty Trends for 2015 | Hair, Nail and Fashion


    Beauty trends 2015: Beauty is a characteristic of a person, animal, place, object or idea that provides a perceptual experience of pleasure or satisfaction. The Beauty is studied as part of aesthetics, sociology, social psychology, and culture. There are the best beauty trends in fashion you have to try it right now.  Here We Listed out the hottest…

  • get rid of pimples overnight

    How to Get Rid Of Pimples These Tips Will Be Valuable To You


    Best Ways to Get Rid of Pimples In a Day: Pimples on face occur in people of different ages. It is not just the problem faced by most teenagers, but adults as well, which really make them feel annoyed. Skin pimples must not be treated harshly and instead, these must be soothed to prevent scars. How…

  • Sylvester Rodgers
    Celebrity Hair Stylists

    Sylvester Rodgers Bollywood Hair Stylist


    Famous Bollywood Hair Stylist Sylvester Rodgers. Sylvester Rodgers is also called “Sylvie” in Bollywood industry. Sylvester Rodgers is an Indian celebrity hairstylist. She left her job of a surgeon just to become a hair stylist. Sylvie was brought up in Kolkata and completed her studies in Darjeeling. In order to pursue further education, she went…

  • Hollywood Actress

    Know The Top 10 Most Beautiful Hollywood Actress

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    Most Beautiful Hollywood Actress Audery Hepburn Angelina Jolie Grace Kelly Marilyn Monore Shopia Loren Catherine Zeta Zones Elixabeth Taylor Jennifer Aniston Hell Berry Briggite Bardot Scan QR Code and Download The Skin App and Also Get The Best Discount To Each Spa and Salon Across The Ahmedabad.

  • best kaya Skin Care Products

    How to Get Kaya Skin Care Products

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    Kaya Skin Clinic presents Various Kaya Skin Care Products like daily skin care products, fair skin products, glowing skin care products and many more that make your skin healthy and smooth with us. There are different kinds of Kaya products online which will help you to enhance your beauty. Kaya skin clinic has wide range…

  • Tips to Cure Dark Spots on Face

    How to Remove Dark Spots on Your Face


    View The Best Tips to Cure Dark Spots on Face, For some people, having dark spots on their faces are signs of aging and this is normal. But if you are not yet at the right age of having dark spots on the face, then that is a big problem. You might want to have the…

  • Pompy Hans
    Celebrity Hair Stylists

    Pompy Hans Bollywood Hair Stylist


    Pompy Hans Bollywood Hair stylist. Purshottam Hans, also known as Pompy Hans amongst the members of the Indian Film Fraternity, is a well-known celebrity hairstylist. Born in Amritsar, Punjab Pompy studied hair styling at the Toni & Guy Academy in London. Pompy Hans got his first break in Bollywood with Darna Mana Hai, where he…


    What are the customer reviews of kaya skin clinic

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    How to Get Kaya Skin Clinic . Kaya Skin Clinic has been India’s leading brand in Skincare Segment and they have helped many individuals achieve what they want for their skin. Here are some of the customer testimonials , reviews for kaya skin clinic. Mukunda M I visited Kaya for my pimples. I had two…

  • Sapna Bhavnani
    Celebrity Hair Stylists

    Sapna Bhavnani Bollywood Famous Hair Stylist


    Sapna Bhavnani is an 41 year old Celebrity Hair Stylist and owner of Mad-o-Wat Salon. Bhavnani a style icon from Bandra, Mumbai has the ability to play with hairs and can style any design with any type of hair. Sapna Bhavnani also changes her profession frequently and has been a writer, featured in video album,…

  • Woman loses face to facial

    What happens when facial goes wrong


    What happens when facial goes wrong ? A woman in Andhra Pradesh has been left traumatised after a pre-vacation facial caused much of the skin on her face to peel off. While she is yet to complain to the police or health authorities, doctors have put 0her on medication and asked her to remain indoors…

  • Benefits of using Ice cube

    Beauty Benefits of using Ice cube on your skin


    People suffering from tonsillitis should actually stay away from consuming ice cubes. Even though they affect your throat negatively, ice cubes have commendable benefits of using Ice cube for your skin. Ice cubes in your daily beauty regime are actually a good idea. Wonder how? Well, read on to know more about uses of ice…

  • Spa and Salon in Ahmedabad
    Salon, Spa

    Top 10 Spa and Salon in Ahmedabad

    Best Spa in Ahmedabad is the best platform to give information for Best spa and salon in ahmedabad. which is located near by your area. Here is listed some Top Ten Spa and Salon in Ahmedabad. App also help to find out Best Spa Deal Or Best Spa Coupons. 😀 (1). O2 Spa…

  • Skin Clinic in Ahmedabad
    Skin Specialist

    Best Skin Clinic in Ahmedabad

    View the Skin  Clinic in Ahmedabad Name : Dr Batra’s Positive Health Clinic Dr. Batra’s homeopathy skin clinics in Ahmedabad offer the best treatment for hair loss, psoriasis, vitiligo, acne, asthma, depression, obesity and more. Address: – (1) Ground Floor, Suraj Bunglow, Ellis Bridge, Near Nagri Eye Hospital, Ahmedabad – 380006. (2) 107, Iscon Centre, Shivranjani…

  • reduce pimple

    Simple Home remedies to reduce pimples

    Depending on the skin type, the existence of pimples on the face is sometimes uncontrollable.  Some skin cannot actually prevent the continuous appearance of pimples, which definitely displeases any person experiencing the condition. Using different options of treatment for pimples, there is still a chance of reducing the growth of pimples on face. When you…

  • Skin-Specialist
    Skin Specialist

    Best Skin Specialist in Bangalore

    View the Best Skin Specialist in Bangalore Name : Dr. Aruna Prasad She has 22 years Experience in Dermatologist and Specialized in laser Therapies and Cosmetic Peels For Pigmentation and acne.She is taking Rs.500 For Consultation Fee. Address :- 319, 7th Main 4th Cross,2nd block,80 Feet Road.Land,ark:Above Health & Glow & Near Banasawadi Cosmopolitan Club,Bangalore….

  • Conditioner

    How To Make Conditioner At Home

    How To Make Conditioner At Home Thinking of making a hair conditioner at home but don’t know how? Let us help up you in doing so. It is very simple, fast and easy. Excited to start the process? Create a paste of banana with half cup of honey in it, then apply it on your…

  • Skin Specialist in Pune
    Skin Specialist

    Top 10 Skin Specialist in Pune

    View the Best Skin Specialist in Pune (1).Name: Dr. Shireen Y Poonwalla< She is Best Dermatologist Specializes in Skin Laser Surgery and Botox Treatment also Give Best Advice How to Pamper Our Skin. Address :- Shibani Poly Clinic 580, Opp Bank Of Maharashtra, Sachapir Street, Camp,Pune – 411001. Available :- Mon TO Fri: 05:00 PM…

  • Keloid
    Skin Moles

    What is Skin Cancerous Moles

    Skinsecrets Provide Information of What is skin cancerous moles Skin Moles are not like skin diseases. Skin moles are normal and common to people of all ages. The appearance of moles occurs during puberty and stops as a person grows old. Although skin moles are normal, you have to keep an eye on their appearance…

  • Skin Specialist in Noida
    Skin Specialist

    List of Best Skin Specialist In Noida

    Find the best skin specialist near you in noida. View the experience, fees, recommendations of dermatologist/cosmetologists and book appointment instantly. View the Best Skin Specialist in Noida. 😉 Best skin specialist in Noida List of Skin Specialist In Noida Name : Dr.Reena Sharma She is MD-Dermatology, Venereology & Leprosy . her provide the most advanced and…

  • Natural Home Remedies for Acne

    Best and Easy Natural Home Remedies for Acne

    Home Remedies for Acne: Your face is the main reflection of your personality. Whatever emotion you emphasize on, it has specified meanings and the person you are facing may get attracted or turned off. Your big date can happen once in a lifetime and so, you must thoroughly prepare for it. Best Home Remedies for…

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  • choose a facial toner

    3 steps to choose a facial toner

    A Useful Guide to Understand and choose a Facial Toners and How To Buy It Facial tones are helpful for your skin but you must know whether your skin needs it or not and how much it can be useful for you ? There are few products which are considered as toners. They are astringents,…

  • Makeup Expert Bobbi Brown

    Best Makeup Tips Given By Makeup Expert Bobbi Brown

    Makeup Expert Bobbi Brown is an of the leading voices of the beauty industry. Bobbi Brown is make up expert and business magnet who revolution in beauty industry of the 80’s known for its excess color and garish make up. She introduced natural shades of lipstick,foundation and eye color for women of all skin tones….

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