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How To Guide Medication For Acne in 2018

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When you are already tired of continuously treating your acne and you have been suffering from it for so long, maybe it is the right time to proceed to a higher level of medication for acne. These remedies for acne should be safe and effective and suitable for you.

Over the counter products that are introduced to the market are another alternative if the acne home remedies are not that effective on your case. Here are some of the medications you can include in your list of preferred remedies for acne.

Benzoyl Peroxide

This is one of the most common acne remedies where in it kills the germs causing the inflammation of the adult acne. Benzyol Peroxide is a popular remedy for adult acne. Use only low concentration of this medication since it causes peeling and dryness.

Salicylic Acid

It is considered more effective than the Benzoyl Peroxide. This acid blocks the clogging of the pores through allowing the skin to prevent the cells at faster rate. Cyclical acid is also an active ingredient in some different cleansers, scrubs and solutions for it defeats black heads as well. At first application, your skin may feel slight irritation but it is a natural part of cyclical acid treatment.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids

The Alpha Hydroxy Acids are usually found in various chemical peels. These are also 2 different acids that prevent the dead skin cells for more effective treatment for acne and at the same time, allowing the growth of new and smooth skin. Make sure that you will only get them from the counter in low concentration only. These acids will react immediately to your skin so you have to apply only enough amount on your face.

Determine the most essential ingredients first before purchasing a product. These options can be your alternative for acne home remedies. Choose a product that suits your needs best.



How To Guide Medication For Acne in 2018
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How To Guide Medication For Acne in 2018
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