Solutions for Age Spots on the Skin and Prevention Tips
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2018 Tips-Prevention For Age Spots on the Skin

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2018 Tips-Prevention For Age Spots on the Skin

Age spots, which are also called liver spots, are brown colored spots commonly found on hands, face, neck, shoulder and chest. People who have fair skin are typically the victims of age spots. Compared to wrinkles which look good on some persons, these spots on skin can make you look older than your actual age.

If you have damaged skin, then you are prone to have these spots. Your skin will be damaged if you are often exposed to the harmful rays of the sun. If you have age spots, you can still find a way how you can get rid of them. Aside from dealing with these spots on your skin, you must also pay attention to your health to prevent age spots to appear someday.

Home Care for These Spots

  • Licorice root is an organic remedy that you can use to lighten your age spots. Apply a small amount of licorice extract on your spots using cotton swab. You could also use those lotions that have this extract.


  • Aloe Vera has skin-healing properties which is also a good solution for age spots. Plain Aloe Vera has antioxidants that will protect your skin cells and it also contains amino acids that will repair the damaged tissues on your skin. Apply it on the affected areas twice every day.


Freezing the Liver Spots

  • Cryotherapy is a procedure used in removing these spots. The doctor will sweep liquid nitrogen on your age spots that will trigger the cells to disappear after a few days.


  • It is proven as an effective way to remove brown colored spots to reveal your beautiful and glowing skin. However, you should also change your lifestyle habits so that age spots will not reoccur.


Prevention of Age Spots

  • Too much exposure to sun and free radicals are the main causes of brown spots to appear on your skin. Thus, you should protect yourself against the sun when you go outside and taking antioxidants could also aid you in keeping your beautiful glowing skin. Also, you should eat nutritious foods and do not smoke.


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2018 Tips-Prevention For Age Spots on the Skin
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