Makeup Tricks for Bad Acne

3 Simple and Effortless Makeup Tricks for Bad Acne in 2018


View The Best Makeup Tricks For Bad Acne and see the changes your face.

If you have much acne on your face and you cannot take the sight of them because you are going to a special event, then the only thing you can do is put make up which will cover it and reduce its visibility. However, you have to be careful in choosing the best content of make up to apply on your face. Oil free make up products are the safest type of make up to use.


If you cannot cover your acne with other acne home remedies, you have to divert your attention to makeup application. Concealer can be one of the weapons you needed to hide the appearance of adult acne on your face.  Apply concealer lightly to the red or dark areas of your face.  Mix the concealer with the use of facial sponge that is disposable.


The next effective weapon belonging to remedies of acne is the foundation.  Gently apply foundation sparingly. Using the sponge, blend your foundation and apply it again to some affected areas when needed.

Finishing Powder

After applying concealer and foundation, you can also try putting a light layer of face powder that is oil-free with the use of makeup brush that is big enough. It will take good care of the shine the acne foundation and concealer left.It will also give a finished and even look.

In the application of concealer, foundation and oil free powder, you have to lessen the pressure you put on your face for it will trigger more of your acne production. The remedies for acne should be simple and easy so adult acne is not a problem anymore in the future.

As part of your acne home remedies, the concealer and foundation must be applied evenly. And before going to bed, your face must be cleaned well and make ups should be removed.

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3 Simple and Effortless Makeup Tricks for Bad Acne in 2018
Article Name
3 Simple and Effortless Makeup Tricks for Bad Acne in 2018
3 Simple and Effortless Makeup Tricks for Bad Acne in 2018

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