Tips to Take Care of Your Bag

What are Tips to Take Care of Your Bag in 2018


What are Tips to Take Care of Your Bag in 2018

Life is bliss when you get aroma of wet soil and Monsoon is said to be the most romantic season in our life. This year God has been generous and we have had amazing monsoon in almost all parts of India. But with this lovely monsoon comes few little troubles also.

Recently one of my best friend who loves to enjoy monsoon was pissed off as she went on with her boyfriend for outing on a bike with heavy rains on. That was of course a lovely outing for her but that outing costed her , her lovely handbag as it was not water resistant.

We love handbags. We can have as many handbags as the no. of shoes pairs right? Well handbags have been useful in many ways and now a days the trendy bags are just irresistible commodity for all of us.

But sometimes the quality of handbag can case problem especially in monsoon. Today let me share some good tips on water resistant handbags useful for monsoon season

With monsoon in full swing it is likely that bags are made of materials like leather ,cotton ,suede and corduroy will get spoil and want be usable next time. Instead opt for handbags made up of waterproof materials like rexine , plastic and even rubber that have crowded the shopping hubs in the city. Available in different colors and shapes, these look extremely trendy and go with all your outfits either western or Indian. Here are some handbags to try out this season

(1). Plastic Panache

Who says plastic has to be tacky ? Try this translucent plastic handbags available in a variety of neon colors With more than two compartments these are also convenient option for those who like to stuff their world in bags

(2). Neon Play

You can not only carry these bright and multi color neon wallets to your neighborhood stores but also team up with LBD and rock the evening out with your friends

(3). Color Fest

These bright color clutches are must for those who feel gloomy during the rains

Chequered Delight

Different chequered prints are not only a trend in outfits but also in accessories . Designed from thin rexine water resistant material and shaped in the form a duffle, these elegant handbags look the best when teamed up with office wear.

(4). Shape Fitters

Available in muted tones like brown as well as bright blues, these rubber bags come in different shapes.You can either go for a rectangular sling bag with rounded edges or opt for a heart shaped one

(5). Bonus

Tips To Take Care of Your Bag

  • If your bags get wet dry it immediately with water absorbent cloth, preferably white to avoid color transfer
  • The inside of bag can also turn smelly due to humidity . Remove the contents of the bag and air it out under the fan.
  • If your bag is heavily drenched , you could use a hair dryer to get rid of excess moisture. Make sure to move the dryer in long , swift strokes across the bag.
  • In case , a leather bag gets wet, use a leather cleaner specific to the bag material. Follow up with a good leather conditioner.
  • Girls I hope this will help you a lot in taking care of your lovely handbags and you would enjoy monsoon freely!


What are Tips to Take Care of Your Bag in 2018
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What are Tips to Take Care of Your Bag in 2018
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