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  • Bali International Spa Academy is Founded in 2006 by Penny Ellis, a spa veteran with 40 years of experience, the Bali International Spa Academy has lived up to its mission of excellence through professionalism.
  • It is now widely regarded as one of Asia’s leading spa, massage, aesthetics and wellness training schools. It is a CIBTAC accredited school and the first to offer CIBTAC endorsed courses such as Balinese Massage, Lomi Lomi Massage, Maternity Program, Thai Program, Ayurvedic Program, Spice Islands Program, Shiatsu Program and Slimming Program.
  • The trainers are all highly experienced therapists and must pass a three month training programme before becoming trainers. Often the academy has guest presenters for workshops. The academy works closely with Ellen Watson, one of only 20 Esalen Massage trainers in the world, and one of the best known.
  • It caters predominantly to students from all over the world and only about 5 per cent of them are Indonesians and most of these are working abroad and need CIBTAC certification to continue working in their desired country.
  • According to Ellis, there were many first-rate spas on the islands, but no professionally managed spa schools upholding increasingly demanding international standards.
  • The demand for spa therapists is growing phenomenally and employers are seeking those who have professional training, and increasingly international certifi cation such as CIBTAC.
Aims and Purpose:

Promote International Accreditation for the Health, Wellness, Body and Beauty Therapy industry throughout Bali, Indonesia and the rest of South East Asia.

  • Be globally recognized as a leading Health, Wellness, Body and Beauty Therapy Training School.
  • Introduce the holistic and cultural intrigue of Asian and Western Spa Therapies to our students.
  • Provide superior product, service and variety in our course offerings.
  • Invest in top-quality school facilities, course materials, and trainer expertise, thereby ensuring our students receive the highest standard of excellence in education.
  • Enable graduates to enter the spa industry as Professional Spa Therapists.

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The academy offers 33 courses: Five to 10 day courses based on Bali BISA custom designed curriculums and syllabus. Topics include basic spa therapies, holistic modalities, health and wellness, aesthetics, Ayurvedic and maternity. The courses are further combined into longer programmes and comprehensive therapist training programmes. The academy also offers Spa Management courses.


Very few of the courses have pre-requisites. The Spa Management courses require several years as a spa therapist. The CIBTAC endorsed programme requires the formal education of anatomy and physiology, but students can take this at Bali BISA along with their course at a discounted rate. Otherwise the academy accepts students with the desire and enthusiasm, from novice to professional.


The basic Bali BISA five day courses are US$540 to US$570. CIBTAC QCF 10 day programmes start at US$1,300 and the 40 day programmes are almost US$3,000. CIBTAC courses are more expensive as they are more comprehensive and require practical and theory exams by a CIBTAC examiner.

What to expect when you join us:

If your aim is to be a Professional Spa Therapist, choose Bali BISA. It dedicated to ensuring you master all the skills required to be the most dynamic Spa Therapist on entering the Commercial Spa world. Employers worldwide seek its graduates

Its provide standards of excellence and high profile are renowned throughout the Spa Industry. Its students enter this exciting industry with the knowledge, skills and confidence that they are the best of the best. A position in the industry is guaranteed.

It’s provide:

  • International professional spa massage and aesthetics education.
  • Small intimate classes with personal tuition.
  • We follow and teach International Health & Safety Standards.
  • Course work Instruction is conducted in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.
  • Courses are available from novice to advanced level. See our extensive course list
  • We offer corporate training sessions, seminars and coaching plus much more. For further information contact us.
  • Evening and part time classes are available. For further information contact us.
  • A relaxed and fully-equipped spa training campus here in beautiful Bali.



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