Top 10 Secrets of Beautiful Skin

Top 10 Secrets For Beautiful Skin in 2018


Top 10 Secrets For Beautiful Skin in 2018

1st Secret to beautiful skin is Exfoliate.

Quality of exfoliation is important and not quantity. Be gentle and do for few minutes regularly. You may know about scrub but choose the best one.

2nd Secret is oils.

Oils that are rich in nutrients are great products to use when you have psoriasis. Argan oil is one such oil and its natural emollient. It’s effective in reducing red and scaly patches that cause psoriasis

3rd Secret is Dead Cells .

Use great exfoliating products to remove dead cells from you skin. It causes your skin look dull and dry. A gentle exfoliating foam can remove dead cells from skin, revealing the fresh radiant skin hidden beneath. Also it helps clear dirt or oil that is trapped in your pores and that makes pores look smaller

4th Secret is Shower after Gym.

After coming back from a gym, do take a shower without fail, it removes your sweat and makes your skin glow and free from dirt. Just using towel won’t eliminate your skin bacteria. Use warm water when you take shower.

5th Secret is knowing your skin.

Make sure you use only those skincare products which are suitable to your skin. Do not follow advertisements at all, they can be misleading. Check Product Ratings first and then select the products. Check ratings here..

6thSecret is Drink lot of water.

You might have heard many times this but still you do know follow it up. Please do no ignore to drink water. You need to drink at least 1 liter if water for every 20kg of your body weight. ( for example if your weight is 60 kg then you must drink 3 liters of water a day


Secret is Cleanse your skin at least 3 times a day with suitable soap, foam or with plain water at least.

8th Secret is Be gentle.

Do not scrub or exfoliate too much ! it can cause harm to your skin.

9thSecret Keep your skin moist all the time.

Drink water, keep tissues, wash face etc.

10th Secret Beat the Stress.

Do Yoga. Relax. Smile. Laugh and beat stress. Stress will show up on your skin amazingly fast.


Top 10 Secrets For Beautiful Skin in 2018
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Top 10 Secrets For Beautiful Skin in 2018
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