7 Most Easy Ways To Fix Your Beauty Problem

5 Most Easy Ways To Fix Your Beauty Problem in 2018

Beauty Problem Scars? Use Raw Potato
  • if you have scars on your face due to acne or skin blemishes or for whatever reason, then use a raw potato juice on your face. Yes, it sounds bit strange but raw potato has enzymes which can help you reduce scarring and not to mention they are most cost effective.
  • Just cut a potato in half and rub it over scars or affected area that’s it! The juice of potato will be applied over scars and then wash face with normal water or warm water.
Fake Tan ? Use Baking Soda
  • Wanted a little bit of streaky shade of color on your face? To get a fake tan on your face, create an exfoliate out of baking soda and water. Mix both ingredients and make a paste and roll over on your face and body in circles. Make sure it is comfortable on your skin, try it on some other part of your body before using on face
Greasy looks ? Use Flour
  • Having a greasy look kills anyone. The fastest way to get rid of greasy look is used flour and corn flour can help you get rid of a greasy look. To instantly revive life into your hair, sprinkle a little bit of flour on the scalp and work into the roots, then brush through to ensure all excess flour has been removed.
Want White Teeth ? Use Crunchy Vegetables
  • Eating fresh fruit and vegetable can help you get the perfect white, stain-free teeth.
Blonde Hair ? Use Tomato Ketchup
  • Rejuvenate your hair with tomato ketchup. It may sound strange,but the red condiment can neutralize the green in your hair leading to shiny and golden locks more. Apply tomato ketchup on your hair, keep it for 20 mins and then shampoo it normally that’s it.


5 Most Easy Ways To Fix Your Beauty Problem in 2018
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5 Most Easy Ways To Fix Your Beauty Problem in 2018
Get the information of how to Fix Your Beauty Problem.

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