Learn Easily How To Select Beauty Cream For Yourself

Learn Easily How To Select Beauty Cream For Yourself


How TO Select Beauty Cream For Your Face

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder! The age old saying has turned the whole wheel these days. We are more conscious of our looks than ever before in history. Does not matter whether we are sitting at home, waiting for guests, working in an office, going for a movie or wants to have just in garden walk, we make sure that we look great all the time.

Increasing Media influence in our daily life has also indirectly forced us to look like stars and celebs that we watch on TV regularly.

With this great deal of looking good big and small companies have launched a range of beauty products to offer. There are multiple creams available in market and it is very tricky to decide which cream to select for you

Let’s explain different kind of creams available and how to select them

BB Creams

It stands for Blemish Balm or beauty balm was southeast’s hottest beauty expert and it’s become popular all over the world, after South Korean actress swore it was there secret to gorgeous skin! Historically BB creams were intended to regenerate the skin after aggressive facial treatments and conceal any possible redness by providing moisture and radiance. But today they provide coverage with added skin care benefits like SPF, antioxidants, anti-aging, etc

Is it for you ?

Because of its light coverage and texture, BB creams are beneficial for women, with long office hours. If you have undergone an intense facial treatment, and want to hide the redness of your skin but don’t want to use heavy makeup opt this cream

Popular BB Creams Available in the Market

CC Creams

Call it refined version of BB creams, Color control, Color correcting or complexion care creams have similar properties that cover blemishes but have a higher color content

Is it for you ?

If you are looking for a little more tinted coverage and additional skin benefits but don’t want to apply makeup foundation, CC creams are your best bet

Popular CC Creams Available in Market 

DD Creams

The latest addition to lettered creams even before the first daily defense or dynamic do all cream released, beauty experts had decided that DD creams weren’t meant for the face. They were originally touted to be a heavy duty body and foot creams. But the current cream is being marketed as a hybrid of BB and CC creams

Is it for you ?

Though they are very similar to CC creams, if you are looking for a tinted moisturizer which focuses more on anti-aging properties to treat mature skin choose this one.


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Learn Easily How To Select Beauty Cream For Yourself | skinsecrets
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