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2018-Tips For Skin After Party Is Over


Read This Smart Hangover Beauty Tips for A New Glow Today! Or You can Say that Beauty Tips For Skin After Party Is Over.

So the New Year party was just amazing and everyone enjoyed it very much.  Well its good to enjoy your life that makes your skin glow, but are sure you are at peace when it comes to new day? The hangover day

When you go out for a party, there are few factors which are out of your control which can harm your skin like atmosphere.  And not to forget dancing whole night due to which we might get dehydrated which harms your skin.

(1). Wash your face
  • Washing face after coming home is a bit heavy duty task for many but this is a must before sleeping. or else you can have some good make up remover product as well, which can freshen up your skin. But make sure you do not go to bed without washing your face.

(2). Moisturizer is must
  • You must have danced throughout the night , which must have caused dehydration as well. Then you must apply good skin moisturizer after washing your face. It is oxygen of your skin hence no skipping at all.

(3). Have Glass of Water
  • Early as well, there are many factors which are our of our control which can damage skin heavily hence if not more you must at least drink a glass of water before going to bed. It will help normalize your internal body systems as well.

(4). Take Vitamins Is must
  • Take at least 1000mg of Vitamin C, Vitamin B and Electrolytes in powdered form. Sprinkle it in at least four ounces of water before you go to sleep and in the morning as well. You will feel much better.

(5). Keep teaspoons in your freezer
  • I know it sounds weird, but hear me out. A makeup artist back in the day taught me this trick, and it worked so well that I have been loyal to it ever since. Place two teaspoons in the freezer to use them on your eyes for puffiness.

  • Lie down and hold them on your eyes for at least 5 minutes. Better than any teabag, I tell you! Now, don’t ask me which side of the spoon to use; you will figure it out on your own, trust me. I even went and bought some a la carte spoons at Target, so now I have my “freezer spoons”.

(6). Stick your face in an ice bath
  • Remember, ice reduces swelling, so if your face is puffy, fill a bowl with water and two trays of ice. Immerse your face, and the swelling will be sent packing. I know it sounds terrifying, but whoever said beauty was easy ?

  • If you follow these steps, I guarantee you; your skin will be soft, refreshed, tight, and toned. After you have taken care of your skin, make sure you go out for a huge breakfast, preferably with some toast – carbs can help bring your blood sugar levels back up the morning after.


Tips For Skin After Party Is Over |skinsecrets
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Tips For Skin After Party Is Over |skinsecrets
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