Prevent and Treat Bug Bites Skin Care
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How to Prevent and Treat Bug Bites Skin Care


Prevent and Treat Bug Bites Skin Care

Insects are small but produce uncomfortable feelings such as skin itchiness, irritating bad smell, red bumps and others, which are the reasons why they call them pests. Skin itchiness can also result to wound and skin infection. Some bugs which are common at home are biting flies, mosquitoes, bees, ants, ticks and more. They may be small but can also cause serious health diseases such as mosquito bite that provides dengue, which results in death in another country.

Bug bites can also cause some skin diseases and challenges. Too much scratching of infected area will make your skin wounded and can cause infection. These wounds might also lead to scar that can affect your healthy and clear skin. To help you with these uncertainties, the following are important things to consider to prevent and to treat bug bites.

(1). Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are one of the small but dangerous insects around. Mosquitoes usually attacks at night. It is advised to used mosquito net or use mosquito repellent lotion when sleeping. But the most important thing to prevent it is to clean your surroundings and destroy their potential habitat. If there are signs and symptoms of dengue, consult your doctor immediately for diagnosis.

(2). Ticks

Ticks are other small insects that can lose your temper. Although they can’t fly, they can easily pests humanly. They are mostly live in wooded environment and old stuffs like clothes and books. To prevent this, use permethrin on your clothes to avoid from ticks settling in your clothes. If already bitten by ticks wash them with soap and apply skin ointment to maintain your glowing skin.

(3). Fire Ants and Bees

To prevent ants and bees’ harm, do not disturb their habitat as possible. Keep your place always clean, especially if you ate sweets, they are most likely to attract to foods. You can treat ant and bees bite by washing them immediately with soap or anything in the form of base not acid. Avoid scratching the damage area to avoid skin infections.

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