Home Remedies Tips for Calluses

2018 Updated Home Remedies Tips for Calluses

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Sometimes when you are not comfortable with your shoes during your everyday activities, you can find out that there is a thickening form of skin at your toes. Sometimes, it is painful and brings uncomfortable feelings once experienced. This kind of cosmetic issue is called calluses. They might also be found on your pinky and middle finger which is not pleasant to look at, especially if you want healthy and clear skin.

  • Calluses are almost the same with corns. They are the same when it comes to the spot where they are occurring, but they differ in characteristics. The medical term for calluses is hyperkeratosis and corns are helomas.
  • Calluses are more flattened and diffused skin while corns are sometimes translucent and dry with conical in shape.
  • Calluses are not skin diseases you have to be afraid of. It is brought by pressure and friction on your skin once you are not comfortable with your shoes or your job requires you to use your bare hands.
  • Women are prone to have this because they often use leather shoes and high-heels. In order to maintain your healthy and glowing skin, you have to treat them immediately before it looks more obvious.
  • There are different kinds of callus treatment, whether naturally or through medication.
  • There are also some home remedies you can use to remove calluses to save more of your time, money and effort. Although it takes longer to effect, you are removing calluses in a healthy way.
  • (1). The first thing to do, after getting warm shower, your skin is supposed to be softened. Use pumice stone to rub calluses and remove the dead cells.
  • (2). Use them every time you take a bath until it’s all gone. Another natural home remedy is to use water with Epsom salt that soaks your calluses to soften, then slowly remove them by rubbing with pumice.
  • (3). Before going to sleep, cut a piece of lemon peel about an inch long and the width of your toe.


2018 Updated Home Remedies Tips for Calluses
Article Name
2018 Updated Home Remedies Tips for Calluses
2018 Updated Home Remedies Tips for Calluses

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