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2018 Updated What are the Treatment options for Calluses

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Calluses are some skin areas that are characterized with hardened and thick dead skin. They are the result of frequent friction, pressure and injuries that sometimes aggravates with pain. They may sometimes appear yellowish and grayish that might affect your glowing skin. It is normal to all active people. However, they need to be removed immediately in order to maintain healthy and clear skin.

Treatments for Calluses
  • There are different kinds on how to treat calluses. You can cure them using natural remedy or using medications. Some people don’t bother about the pain that is why many have tried using home nipper to forcibly remove them.
  • However, it might cause skin infection and bacterial challenges when it is not sterilized. Another natural way is to use moisturizer to keep your skin soft to remove calluses easily. You can also use gloves to prevent pressure and friction on specific tasks using your bare hands.
  • Natural home remedy is also effective although frequent management is needed. It is necessary to take a bath with warm water to make your skin softer.
  • Then use volcanic stone pumice then rubs until they are completely removed. You can also soak calluses to water with Epsom salt until dry calluses become softer then slowly rub them then remove the dead cells.
  • You can also use medicated skin products with chemical to easily remove calluses.These products mostly contain cyclical acid.
  1. Calluses are not diseases.
  2. Although calluses are normal and common, they might be sign of serious health problem like diabetes.
  3. Calluses can also be found at the finger of your hands such as pinky, middle and even your palm.
  4. Calluses have similarities with corns. However, they differ in some characteristics.Calluses are often diffused while corns are translucent.
  5. Calluses can be prevented by reducing some instances that will lead to increased friction and pressure. It is advised to wear comfortable footwear and use moisturizer to your hands.


2018 Updated What are the Treatment options for Calluses
Article Name
2018 Updated What are the Treatment options for Calluses
2018 Updated What are the Treatment options for Calluses

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