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Dark circles under your eyes and dark spots on your face make a person look older and tired. You could still find a way how you can get rid of these signs of aging. If you have these problems with your skin and you want to have a fairer and healthy glowing skin, you may follow the given tips below

Different Treatments for Dark Circles

  1. Cucumber – it is one of the most usual treatments for puffiness under your eyes and even the dark spots on face. Slice a cucumber with make ¼ inches cuts, then place them inside the refrigerator. Place the chilled cucumber slices on your eyes and leave them on from 15 up to 20 minutes. After that, wash your face with cold water and apply moisturizer.
  2. Massage – when you massage your skin, the blood vessels will be stimulated to circulate blood faster. This will lighten the dark spots on the face and make your skin appear refreshed. Massage the skin under your eyes from 5 to 10 minutes once or twice daily. You may use almond oil or rose water when massaging. Both of them have the capability to increase the flow of blood.
  3. Milk – chilled milk works to stimulate flow of blood, nourish your skin and lessen the puffiness under your eyes. Soak 2 pieces of cotton balls on the chilled milk, then place them over your dark spots on face from 10 up to 15 minutes, dip the cotton balls on the milk if the cotton is no longer cold.
  4. Cold compress – it helps in reducing the inflammation, dark circles and dark spots on face as cold temperature stimulates the flow of blood around your eyes. Soak the washcloth on the water with ice, cover the ice cubes using the washcloth or you may use frozen vegetables.
  5. Change in lifestyle – dark circles are usually caused by dehydration. Thus, you should drink more water to keep yourself healthy. Drink 2 liters of water every day to keep your body hydrated.
Dark Circles - Home made treatment of dark circles |skinsecrets
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Dark Circles - Home made treatment of dark circles |skinsecrets
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