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Best and Easy Makeup Tips For Diwali 2018


Best and Easy Makeup Tips For Diwali 2018

Is the festive season so everyone is ready to adorn their favorite dresses. Diwali is the festival of lights and brightness. During Diwali, people wear new clothes and visit their relatives and closed ones in their best attire. Dresses like Ghagra choli or saree or Salwar Kameez are commonly worn by Indian women. So, to finish the look, an ideal makeup is a must. Following are makeup tips for Diwali.

Diwali 2018 makeup tips

  1. Always prefers minimum makeup if the dress is already heavy with embroidery. For light dresses, cover with makeup. So, depending on the dress you have to choose the makeup.
  2. Wash the face and then apply toner to cleanse the skin. By applying toner, your makeup can last for a longer duration.
  3. Start with the foundation, and then apply some concealer if you have dark spots on your face. Let them blend with the skin. Buy foundation and concealer which are lighter than the skin tone.
  4. Light makeup can be simple eye makeup followed by lipstick or lip gloss to get the finishing. Use an eyeliner to draw a thick or thin line over the upper eyelid and then finish the eye makeup with a mascara. You can also apply a thin line of color, eyeliner pencil matching with the dress.
  5. For lips, apply a dark colored shade. As the face is looking simple with little or almost no makeup, highlight the lips with a dark lip color.
  6. Dark makeup needs more stress on either the eyes or lips. Almost similar to bold look, dark makeup adds to the look.
  7. In the dark makeup, after applying foundation and concealer, picks up an eye shadow which goes well or in contrast with the dress color.
  8. Eye shadows such as blue, green, purple, black and gray are ideal for the dark makeup on the eyes. See to it that the color matches with the clothes to some extent. You can draw a thin line with the eyeliner and then apply strokes of eye shadow on the upper eyelid to finish the eye makeup.
  9. Follow up the dark makeup with nude colored shade which doesn’t look heavy on the face. Skin color or light color matching with the dress are great makeup tips.
  10. If the makeup is light, wear heavy earrings to create an illusion of complete and appropriate makeup. For hair, you can either leave it open or tie stylish buns.

Follow these Diwali makeup tips to get the perfect stylish look.

Best and Easy Makeup Tips For Diwali 2018
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Best and Easy Makeup Tips For Diwali 2018
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