Beauty tips for Diwali

9 Beauty tips to look beautiful in this Diwali


View the Best Beauty tips to look beautiful in this Diwali

(1). Cleansing

Toxins from the body and pollutants from the environment give the skin dull look, soap is good to remove oil for teenagers, but a later skin becomes dry. So, use a face wash or wipe of cleansers at least 3 times a day.

(2). Moisturizing

Different skin types need different ones choose from creams for dry skin, lotions for normal skin and gels for oily skin, always moisturize 10 minutes before stepping out and include the neck areas.

(3). Scrubbing

Exfoliation removes dead skin cells; but skin cells shed every 28 days so use scrub only once a month after 25 yrs of age; use bran soaked in water, moong dal scrub or ones available in the market. Young people should use only peel off masks, no scrubs needed.

(4). Masks

Fruits like papaya, banana have the capacity to dissolve toxins when applied, oily skin can use Multani mitti pack but use them not more than once a month or before an important day  out.

(5). Protection

Never go out without a layer of protection at any age, which can be compact  powder, foundation, moisturizing lotion or sunscreen to prevent dust and dirt harm you.

(6). Water spray

Sprinkle water on face and neck every morning. Use a spray bottle and take care not to rub with a towel but to pat dry. Spraying removes toxins collected at night and increase circulation of blood.

(7). Moisturize

Use moisturizer when skin is still damp then wait for 10 minutes before stepping out in fresh air.

(8). Water intake

lukewarm water to which honey can be added takes away the puffiness of face caused by fluid retention at night.

(9). Meditate

If not daily at least once a week to have calming effect and for the inner glow to show on skin.

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9 Beauty tips to look beautiful in this Diwali | skinsecrets
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9 Beauty tips to look beautiful in this Diwali | skinsecrets
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