tips to look gorgeous this Diwali

What are the tips to look gorgeous in this Diwali 2018


What are the tips to look gorgeous in this Diwali 2018

This Diwali makes sure your skin compliments the outfit you are wearing. All you have to do is to pamper yourself way in advance so that you are the benchmark of beauty for the evening.

  • Mini Yadav, Bella Madonna, says, “One should start cleaning, toning and going for a facial at least a week prior to Diwali. The early you start giving a touch up to your skin, the more supple and glowing it becomes when you put on the final make-up on the D-day.”

  • She suggests that before getting ready for the evening, one should go for face clean up. Face cleanup helps in cleaning pores and giving an instant glow. Golden skin caviar cleanup is best for dull skin. Light products can do wonders to your skin and a good face mask according to the skin type with a light massage is best for an instant glow.”

  • Rohini Wadhwani, cosmetologist, Skin Essentials, says, “For a dull  skin, try natural bleach at home.” Dr Naresh Arora, aromatherapist, Aroma Chase Aroma & Skin Care, agrees, “The glow of skin that comes from natural beauty care routine is long lasting.” Beauty expert, Kiran Bawa, Iosis Medispa, says, “Festivals are the time when everyone wants to flaunt a sun-kissed skin.” Experts share some tips for an overall skin glow.

Tips for a glowing skin this diwali
  • If you have dull skin, try natural bleach on your body. Apply paste of curd, lemon juice, honey or egg white, cornflower and lemon juice. Potato juice mixed with lemon juice can also be applied. Keep for 5-10 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Also, exfoliate the skin at least once a week using a homemade oatmeal scrub or sugar and lime.

For dry and dull skin
  • Take curd, honey, few drops of lemon juice.

Oily skin
  • Cleanse skin using a face wash at least twice daily. Milk may also be used to cleanse the skin. Also use a toner or astringent at home. A natural astringent could be a few drops of Eau de cologne in cold water.

  • Scrub the face at least once a week using rice powder, lemon juice and water or oatmeal and milk.

  • Those who suffer from acne and pimples should use products with tea tree oil, fullers earth, witch hazel, zinc etc. Aloe Vera can be used fresh from the plant. or refrigerated for a bit.


What are the tips to look gorgeous in this Diwali 2018
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What are the tips to look gorgeous in this Diwali 2018
Get the information to look your best in this Diwali.

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