What is Eczema

What is Eczema 2018 Updated


What is Eczema 2018 Updated

Eczema is a set of persistent skin diseases which could affect anyone, regardless of age and sex. Eczema is a constant skin problem in which the patient’s skin becomes itchy, reddened, dry or cracked. There are different types of a topic dermatitis which are provided below

The Various Forms of Eczema

A topic eczema
  • A topic eczema is the most common type of dermatitis and it is frequently associated with asthma and high fever. It could affect either kids or adults. Symptoms include dryness of skin, redness as well as well as inflammation.
llergic contact dermatitis
  • This condition develops when the immune system responds against a foreign body that gets in contact with your skin. Allergic reaction will occur over time due to repeated skin contact with that substance. Reactions could also happen after the exposure with other foreign substances like perfumes or rubber.
Irritant contact dermatitis
  • This form of eczema is caused by repeated skin contact with substances like detergents or chemicals that can cause irritation on the skin. It usually occurs on adult’s hands and it can be avoided if you will keep yourself away from the irritants and keep your skin moisturized.
Infantile seborrhoeic eczema
  • This is common among babies with ages below 1 year. This is also called as cradle cap and it usually begin with the scalp and nappy portion.
Adult seborrhoeic a topic dermatitis
  • It usually affects people who are in ages 20 to 40 years. It typically occurs on the scalp which may appear as dandruff yet will spread on your face, ears or chest. The skin will become red, inflamed or may begin to flake.
Varicose a topic dermatitis
  • It affects the lower portion of the legs of those people who are in middle and late ages. This type of eczema is trigged by poor blood circulation. Usually, the skin all over the ankles is inflamed and become speckled and itchy. Medicines to cure this condition are emollients and steroidal creams.
Discoed a topic dermatitis
  • It usually affects adults and may appear at first as a coin-shaped area with reddish color commonly on the body and lower leg portion. It is itchy and could weep fluid. The treatment used in curing this condition involves emollients.


What is Eczema 2018 Updated
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What is Eczema 2018 Updated
Get the information of Eczema and Types of Eczema.

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