eyelids itchy and swollen

What happens when facial goes wrong 2018 UpdatedWhat happens when facial goes wrong 2018 UpdatedWhat happens when facial goes wrong 2018 Updated


What happens when facial goes wrong 2018 Updated

  • Seasonal allergies (hay fever) can cause itchy, red, watering eyes and/or swollen eyelids. In addition to swelling, the lids often develop red, scaly patches, especially in the inner corners.What to do about eyelids itchy and swollen.
  • Up to a third of Americans have hay fever, and in the Fall, the culprit is most likely ragweed pollen, which is found throughout the US. Luckily, relief is in sight, since the ragweed season runs until mid-October. Until then, avoid washing with hot water, which aggravates swelling. Instead, hold a cool, damp washcloth over your eyes for a few minutes after waking up to reduce morning puffiness and redness.
  • If you can, avoid going outdoors in the middle of the day, when pollen counts are the highest, keep your windows closed, and clean your air filters at home. Ant histamine pills (like Claritin and Benadryl) can also help.
  • Some of my patients get relief with plain aloevera, which is anti inflammatory, and I sometimes prescribe
    Eletone, a non steroid eczema cream, or pramoxine lotion for itch.
  • While I try to avoid prescribing cortisone creams because eyelid skin is very thin, a short course of a mild cortisone may be needed to get the itching under control.
  • Contact dermatitis is most often caused by a skin cream or cosmetic, but it can also be caused by a new soap, shampoo, or hair product or spray that comes in contact with the skin.
  • Eyelid rashes can also be caused by products like nail polish, which can be transferred to your eyelids when you touch your skin, so it’s useful to think about everything new you’ve used, even if it’s not something you apply directly to your face.
  • Sinus problems can also cause eyelid swelling, although there will be other symptoms such as a stuffy nose and pain or pressure across your cheekbones.
  • The skin usually looks normal and doesn’t itch or flake. If there’s pain or yellow mucus discharge, get it checked by a doctor, who can treat the underlying problem, whether it’s an infection, a structural problem (like a deviated septum), or other cause.
  • If it’s a mild sinus infection, sleeping with your head propped up on an extra pillow and avoiding salt can help reduce the puffiness.

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