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Popular Non Surgical Face Lift Methods |skinsecrets

Popular Non Surgical Face Lift Methods

Nonsurgical face-lift procedures have been offered for several years. Two of the most famous out of these methods are Thermage and Titan. These procedures use warming and cooling of the skin, but both of them have differences. These methods are commonly performed in most cosmetic clinics and dermatologist offices.

In Thermage face-lift technique, your skin will be heated and cooled by means of radio frequency power. This energy warms the core tissue of your skin and collagen as the outer skin layer is cooled simultaneously. This will stimulate the skin to tighten, allowing you to have a fairer glowing skin. This procedure typically last from 5 minutes up to 1 hour while the result will remain visible for up to 2 years. Sometimes, your doctor may recommend you to re-undergo with this method after 6 months.

Meanwhile, The Titan face-lift method requires infrared rays to warm and cool your skin. This method works in the same way with Thermage method yet it needs 2-3 sittings before the best results will be achieved.

Most clients who chose Titan method claimed that it works better than the other method and the possibilities to experience redness and swelling is rare. If you are afraid that these methods are both painful, then you should know that doctors use local anesthesia in doing these procedures. Thus, you will never feel pain if you pursue on any of these non-surgical face-lift techniques.

You should always remember that these 2 methods aid in reducing the visible indications of wrinkles or fine lines since they tauten the skin. Changes in your face will appear gradually after the first 6 months from the time you underwent the method you prefer. You may also use some herbs that can help you reduce the wrinkles on your face.

You can use a turmeric paste, then applies it on your skin. You could also use grapes in dealing with the signs of aging. Mash some grapes and then apply it directly on your wrinkles and fine lines. These glowing skin tips will be the ones that you can use to get fairer skin and to get rid with the signs of old age.

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Popular Non Surgical Face Lift Methods |skinsecrets
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Popular Non Surgical Face Lift Methods |skinsecrets
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