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Girl Scouts do something awesome on a spa day find out


A group of Girl Scouts from Ohio raised $300 from their cookie selling drive and planned to go on a spa day together, but instead the group decided to do something amazing with their hard-earned money.

The fourth graders earned the money as a reward for good sales on their Girl Scout cookie drive, and had made plans to get manicures together. But then the girls learned about Barbara Dolan, a great-grandmother of another Girl Scout whose house had burned down.

Dolan had no insurance to pay for the damages and lost many priceless items in the fire.

“She is 75, and currently in a rehab facility recovering from a fractured spine,” family members noted on a fundraiser set up for Dolan.” All she wanted was to return home to her own bed. Not only is the home a total loss, she needs everything from clothing, to personal care items, and money to replace everyday essentials.

There is no insurance on the home, and the future is unclear at this very moment. She has lost everything, including 75 years of photos, and momentos from mission trips she had completed while doing God’s work.

So when the group of Girl Scouts found out about the tragedy, they decided to cancel the spa trip and give the money to Dolan instead.

“It’s amazing,” said Dana Dickson, the leader of the troop, told WTND. “I don’t think any of us were dry-eyed, honestly. They’re one of the most fantastic groups of kids I’ve ever had the luck to be involved with.”

The act has gained the girls nationwide attention. Their story made it to the local news, and a link was submitted to reddit where it gained hundreds of user votes.

Dolan’s family said they were blown away by the selfless act.

“For a group of young girls that age, it’s hard for them to grasp the concept of what just happened,” said Bonnie Wright, Dolan’s granddaughter. “For them to give up something that meant so much to them for a complete stranger, it’s just mind-blowing.”

The Girl Scouts weren’t the only ones to help Barbara Dolan. The fundraiser has pulled together more than $1,500 so far, with donations coming in from across the country.

And the story has something of a happy ending for the Girl Scouts. Dolan’s granddaughter, Bonnie, wanted to pay them back, so she called around to area spas to see if any of them would host the girls for a free spa visit to reward their kindness. The Fab Kid Spa Party Boutique in Vandalia agreed, and the girls will now get their spa day together.

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Girl Scouts do something awesome on a spa day find out|skinsecrets
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Girl Scouts do something awesome on a spa day find out|skinsecrets
Girls Scouts raise $300 on a spa Day But Do Something Amazing and Awesome With The Money.

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