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View Best Hair Expert’s Monsoon Hair Care Tips For Men!!

It has been pouring and all the bad effects of the season are already beginning to show on our hair. Men are the ones who are suffering from the most because unlike the girls, guys are not really that used to taking regular dedicated and daily care of their hair

Hair expert Jawed Habib says“ Monsoon leads to all kinds of problems.You can keep your hair short because it helps in making it easier to to dry and take care of “

Dandruff, stickiness, dull and brittle hair are some of the problems that men have to deal with during this season. Dr Rohini Wadhwani, cosmetologist says, “Dandruff can occur due to the combination of sebum and sweat or if the scalp becomes too dry”

Getting your hair wet during the monsoon can aggravate hair problems, says Dr Soma Sarkar Mukerji “ if you get wet in rains, it is absolutely important to come back home and without fail shampoo your hair “ she says

Dr Rohini advises “Keep your hair dry during the rainy season and do not forget to towel dry immediately. Using a leave-in-conditioner is advisable

Most men usually have a habit of washing hair everyday and they should use a mild shampoo when they are at it. Dr Soma says “During this season men should stay away from styling gels, coloring products and frequent oiling of their hair. All kinds of chemical treatment on their hair should be avoided. Minimizing the use of blow dryer with a towel vigorously after every wash is required. Instead, pat tries to gently say Dr Rohini

Another common hair problem during the monsoon is having to deal with sweaty and greasy hair that looks limp and dull. Hair expert Ritu Tanwar advises “ It is essential to keep the hair clean.Use a hair serum after every wash”

Smart Tips
  • Make sure to shampoo your hair after you get wet in monsoon rains
  • A mild ph balanced shampoo is ideal for this season
  • Towel dry your hair gently instead of vigorous blow drying
  • Minimize the use of products on your hair

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Find monsoon hair care tips for men|skinsecrets
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Find monsoon hair care tips for men|skinsecrets
Get the information of Hair Expert’s Monsoon Hair Care Tips For Men !!

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