Perfect Manicure at home

How to Give Yourself a Perfect Manicure at Home in 2018


Best New Tricks to Ensuring a Perfect Manicure at home. Going to the salon every other week gets very expensive, but there are useful, free, and creative ways to get the perfect french manicure without making that bank account-draining bi-weekly appointment at home. Check out these hacks for a great manicure. 😀

Best Manicure Tips at Home

Perfect Manicure at home

Perfect Manicure at home

How to do the Perfect Manicure

Trick 1 :

When you polish starts chipping, there’s an easy way to hide the bare spots: Brush glitter on the ends.

Trick 2 :

The one thing you might be skipping with dark polish that makes it chip faster. Know what it is?

Base coat does help prevent the color from soaking into your nail and creating hard-core stains, it does something else that’s crucial for dark colors: It grabs onto the pigment. And since the pigments in the dark nail polish are so heavy, this means that you’ll get fewer chips. So using base coat for dark colors is key for more reasons than you thought.

Trick 3 :

Make sure you’re using the right side of your nail polish brush to swipe on the color. Oh, you didn’t know there was a right side?

best french manicure tips

Gel nails at home

Do : Take your time.

Practice is important for nailing the polish job, as is relaxing and not rushing, but there are a few other approaches to take. “Make sure to work over a stable surface like a table, and try resting the non-dominate elbow or arm on the table to help keep you from shaking,”.

Don’t : Skip the base coat.

Prep is an important part the pros never skip. “Make sure to shorten, shape, and clean nails before polishing. Don’t skip the base coat because it will help smooth out ridges and give you a more professional look.”

Do : Get the right tools.

When I tried my own at-home many times, I was focused on making it work and, as such, knew I’d need a few more supplies than my bottle of polish and a cotton swab. Greg recommends having a fine grit file, polish remover, cotton, an orange wood stick, and a small brush like the angled ones used for makeup. A hand scrub or lotion isn’t necessary, but a nice touch for getting a luxe salon feel on your own.

Don’t: leave polish on when soaking nails.

Before I buckled down for me at home pedicure, I soaked my feet in a bowl of warm water.

perfect manicure at home

How to do a perfect manicure

Do : Use a certain side of the brush.

“By wiping the brush on the lip of the bottle and then using the non wiped side, you’ll allow the excess product to be pulled off the brush so you won’t have any dripping.” This was by far the most interesting part of watching to do my nails and a trick I employed at home with great success. I’ve always wiped my brush and then painted my nail with that side, but the opposite actually worked much better.

Don’t : Freak out over mistakes.

For clean up right after the mistake, use an orange wood stick dipped in polish remover. If you notice a smudge after polish has dried, use the small angled makeup brush with remover on it to clean up. “Once your nails are completely dry, wash your hands in warm water and apply oil or lotion to the skin. This will help remove any remaining polish that’s not on your nails.”

Trick 4 :

Your new best friend when it comes to at-home manis? The mascara wand.

While I was removing the remains of my previous manicure, I whipped out a clean mascara wand dipped it in remover, and gently scrubbed around the edges of my nails to get every tiny little trace of polish off. how have I never thought of this before? Fantastic 😀

best beauty trends

Small little changes, but ones that have a big impact on your manicure. 😉

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How to Give Yourself a Perfect Manicure at Home in 2018
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How to Give Yourself a Perfect Manicure at Home in 2018
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