Hygiene tips for teenager

Best Hygiene tips for teenage girls in 2018


Teenage girls, makeup, hairstyles, and perfumes just seem to go together! The hormonal changes your body is undergoing during your teen years and even into your early twenties may bring unexpected challenges in personal hygiene, or the way you take care of yourself to stay clean and healthy.

You may find your hair is oily and you have a zit or two! It happens but does not need to be a huge crisis. By using the proper soaps, lotions, and perfumes, and a daily routine you can minimize skin outbreaks while preventing body odor and oily hair.

It is never too early to start. Buy small sizes of new soaps, lotions, and perfumes until you are sure they work best in your situation. Do not be afraid to try a new product and see which you like best.here given some Hygiene tips for teenager.

Soaps, Body washes and Shampoos
  • Before buying and using a soap, body wash, or shampoo, a little self-examination is in order. Is your skin dry or oily? Do you have acne or skin that is dry in spots and oily in others? Is your hair oily? Do you have dandruff? Is your hair dry due to excessive blow-drying and styling? Knowing the answers to these questions can help you decide what types of soaps and shampoos to use.
  • Soaps may contain moisturizers (lotion) or other ingredients to help dry skin retain moisture. Some soaps or body wash products contain an exfoliant to scrub away dry skin cells. If you have allergies, you may need a soap designed for sensitive skin.
  • While some body wash liquids are labeled for both hair and body, it is generally better to use a shampoo designed for your hair type, a body wash, and different products again for your face, especially if acne is a problem. At the very least, you should wash your face twice a day and be sure to remove all makeup before going to bed at night.
Face and Body Lotions and Sunscreen protection
  • Look on the shelves of any retail store and you will see an overwhelming range of lotions. As with soap, you should look for a lotion that will be best for your skin type and address any special issues you have such as dry skin, redness, or acne.
  • A generic body lotion may be fine for use on arms and legs, but consider a special facial lotion made for your skin type. Always be sure your face lotion contains sunscreen protection of at least SPF 30 to prevent sun damage that leads to early wrinkles and increased risk of skin cancer. The best time to apply lotions to both face and body is right after a bath or shower.
  • When used while your skin is still damp, a good lotion helps hold in moisture needed for healthy skin. Facial lotion with sunscreen is necessary even during the winter months.
  • First thing every morning after washing your face with cool or lukewarm water and before applying makeup apply a face cream or lotion that contains sunscreen.
  • You probably do not need to worry about a special night face cream in your teens, but do remove all makeup at night, rinse and gently pat your face dry and apply a face lotion to provide soothing moisture to your face during the night.
Perfumes and Deodorants
  • Please, do not make the mistake of believing that perfumes and deodorants can cover up the odor of sweat in place of a daily bath or shower! Used properly after a bath or shower, deodorants and perfumes can help keep you fresh smelling longer, but they will not hide the fact that you slept in late and skipped a shower, especially if you skip more than one day without a shower or bath.
  • Young children may be able to slip by without a daily bath if they manage to get through the day without getting dirty, but all those hormonal changes you are experiencing throughout your teenage years kicks sweat glands into overdrive.
  • Even though the majority of sweat is water, the waste excreted along with that water attracts germs and bacteria that can stir up a stink in very little time. Deodorants help control odor, while antiperspirants help reduce perspiration. Most individuals use a combination deodorant/ antiperspirant product but you need to read the label to be sure you have a product that does both, if that is your choice.
  • Perfumes are as varied as individuals are. Start with light fragrances and apply in small amounts. A little goes a long way. You may be surprised that a perfume you loved when your best friend wore it really is not for you.
  • Perfumes also change in fragrance and intensity after you have them on for a bit. When possible, ask for a sample or use a tester to try a fragrance before buying a full bottle.
  • Do not test more than one fragrance at a time or the scents may clash making it hard to determine if one is right for you. While on the subject of fragrances clashing…most of your health care products have perfumes or fragrances included.
  • While your goal in using soaps, lotions, and perfumes is to smell good, if you are not careful, you may find the scent of your soap mixing with the fragrance of your lotion or perfume in a less than favorable way.
  • An easy way to prevent this is to layer your fragrance by using soaps, lotions, powders, and perfume with the same fragrance. Doing so will prevent fragrances from clashing and help the fragrance you choose to last longer during the day.
  • It is not necessary to use a scented deodorant to be effective. Unscented hair products may also be a wise choice if you are using scented lotions and perfumes.


Best Hygiene tips for teenage girls in 2018
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Best Hygiene tips for teenage girls in 2018
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