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What Are The Pricing of Skin Treatment at Kaya Skin Clinic 2018


What Are The Pricing of Skin Treatment at Kaya Skin Clinic 2018

On the one day in your life when all eyes are on you, you just have to look your very best. Yet, with all the stress and chaos of preparing for the big day, there’s something very important that often gets sidelined. You!

At times like this, you need a friend you can depend on. A friend, who understands you, cares for you, and more importantly, understands your skin. You need someone whom you can trust to make you look your best on the D-day: a friend like Kaya.

What are the Prices of Skin Care and Treatment at Kaya Skin Clinic?

What are the Prices of Skin Care and Treatment at Kaya Skin Clinic?

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Kaya Skin Clinic offers a wide range of bridal packages, which are designed not only to enhance the beauty of your skin but also to take care of your skin concerns. Kaya Skin Clinic’s complete beauty repertoire includes its new and exotic facials with rich ingredients like gold caviar, chocolate, and fresh fruits among others, to make him fall for you all over again.

Bridal Packages from Kaya Skin Clinic

A bride-to-be has a lot of things going on in her mind during the days leading up to the wedding ceremony. And although she is flanked by her besties and cousins and relatives who are ready with their endless lists of suggestions about the hairdo, the face, the hands, and what-not, she still has to decide what all needs to be done. And even if she succeeds in doing that, there is always the fear of the skin type affecting the general flow of things. Different women have different skin types and tones, and it can be difficult to select the best services that are appropriate for your skin type.

Kaya, as an authoritative skin care expert, understands these issues that brides-to-be have. And as a solution, they have launched a premium range of bridal packages. Be it body wax, body massage, hair spa, clean up, bleaching, manicure, pedicure, or facial – Kaya has you covered for everything. Kaya Skin Clinic considers all those things that a woman keeps in mind before leaving for the parlor.

With some of the best dermatologists and beauticians at Kaya, brides-to-be can sit back and relax with the assurance that when they arrive at the wedding scene, heads are going to turn and jaws are going to drop. And they are going to stay that way for longer…

For the Perfect Wedding Look

Kaya Skin Clinic has launched a new range of services called “Kaya Wedding Rituals”. It is a comprehensive bouquet of services that includes the best that Kaya has to offer to help you step into your special journey in the most beautiful way. One of the products in this range is the Complexion Perfector Cream, which makes your overall skin tone match up to the make-up, helping you avoid the unruly boundary lines.

What are the Prices of Skin Care and Treatment at Kaya Skin Clinic?

What are the Prices of Skin Care and Treatment at Kaya Skin Clinic?

What are the Prices of Skin Care and Treatment at Kaya Skin Clinic?

What are the Prices of Skin Care and Treatment at Kaya Skin Clinic?


Customized Services with Kaya Wedding Rituals

We understand that different people have different opinions about how they should look on their most important day. While a cream may work for one person, it may not for another. For this reason, Kaya has come up with its wedding rituals program. It mainly involves identifying the skin type, treating it, and then finally embellishing it for that perfect look.

At Kaya, our skin specialists recommend a set of services and products that will best go with your skin type. Customized options are available for those who want to indulge in the process. The color variations, the saturation level, and even the intensity of certain services can be adjusted depending upon the person’s skin type.

Following are some of Kaya’s most popular services for different skin benefits:

  • Kaya Pigmentation Services –for visibly clear skin in just one session
  • Kaya Hair Free Gentle Touch – no more monthly visits to the salon; this is a one-time hair removal solution
  • Kaya Expert Beauty Facials – Designed by experts for specific skin needs
  • Kaya Rejuvenation Services – Efficacious services to renew the youthful look of your skin

Prices of Kaya Skin Clinic Products and Services

Kaya’s premium services are curated in such a way that it benefits the user.  The Kaya Wedding Rituals approach provides everything that a woman needs to look her ravishing self on the wedding dayand beyond. Starting from INR 14600 onwards, following are some of the bestsellingand best-reviewed packages under Kaya’s bridal services –

  • Bridal Classic package for that alluring bridal glow
  • Bridal Face and Neck package with expert beauty facials, pigmentation peels, and laser treatment for advanced brightening and luminosity
  • Bridal Advanced Packages for different body parts to help you restore your youthful radiance

Following is the list of Kaya Skin Clinic Pricing – Selected Bridal Packages

Bridal package for the face and neck – 2 month package of Expert Beauty Facials and peels for that alluring bridal glow Rs. 15800
Bridal package for the hand and upper back – 2 month package Rs. 14600
Bridal package for the face and neck – 3 month package of Insta-Clarity laser, pigmentation peels and Expert Beauty facials for advanced brightening and luminosity. Also includes products to embellish that perfect look – complexion perfector cream and make up remover. Rs. 19300


For more packages that deal with advanced services, you can walk into your nearest Kaya Skin Clinic store. It has over 100 clinics across 26 cities in India.

Other than the bridal packages, which is intended for brides-to-be, Kaya offers a wide range of other hair and skin care services such as expert beauty facials, dark circle reduction, FaceTherapy, Intense Clarity Peel for face and neck. These services have received great reviews from customers all over the country. Following is a list of pricing of selected services:

Kaya Signature FaceTherapy 4200
Intense Clarity Peel – Face and Neck 3500
Dark Circle Reduction 1700
Aqua Eye Rejuvenation 1950
Expert Beauty Facial Starting from 2500
Hair Care Services Starting from 2290


Kaya has numerous services and products that can be signed up for both individually as well as in the form of packages. For more info on Kaya products and their pricing, visithttp://www.kaya.in/. You can also directly shop for products like the Complexion Perfector and Make-up Remover creams online through Kaya’s shopping portal at http://shop.kaya.in/.

Disclaimer – Time, Price and other details of this listed unit may change without prior notice. Skinsecrets is not liable for any changes in price,time of this unit neither Skinsecrets is affiliated with this unit in any manner.Use this information upon your discretion

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