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What is the best treatment available for keloid scars in 2018


What is the best treatment available for keloid scars in 2018

Scars depend on the extremity of wound or damage that your skin suffered. Keloid scar is not just an ordinary scar on your skin. Keloid treatment can be difficult since there is no simple approach working in this case immediately.

If a single method does not work, more critical treatment is planned such as surgery, radiation and steroids. However, if you cannot get into the easy and simple methods, you have to identify different treatments for keloid scars. Here are some of the standard keloid scar treatments you can try.

(1). Occlusive Dressings

This treatment includes dressing, gel sheets and silicone, Cordran tape as well as non-silicone sheets. Many have proven that occlusive dressing treatment for keloid showed immediate improvement on the scar appearance. About 90% of the patients are satisfied with this kind of treatment.

(2). Compression Therapy

It deals about the pressure that is known to emphasize thinning effects on the skin. This keloid treatment makes use of compression wraps, button compression, elastane or spandex bandages (Lycra) and the support bandages. Some pressure devices used have pressure-gradient garments and pressure lightweight, wherein almost 100% of the patients treated with compression therapy showed improvement.

(3). Corticosteroids

There are different types of corticosteroid treatments. The corticosteroids lessen the excessive scarring through collagen synthesis reduction. Triamcinolone acetonide is the most common type of corticosteroids.

Recent studies showed that there is already standardized protocol of corticosteroid therapy. This protocol reduces the hypertrophic scars and keloid currency after the excision. Corticosteroid ointments are also applied by the patients as part of their keloid treatment process and as advised by the medical experts.

Aside from the standard keloid treatments available, there are already latest treatments introduced in the society. They are effective in treating keloid, but you have to be careful in applying or using them since they contain ingredients which may cause infection to your keloid scar.

What is the best treatment available for keloid scars in 2018
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What is the best treatment available for keloid scars in 2018
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