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How to Know Your Makeup Has Expired


EXPIRED cosmetics and skin care products can pose a risk to your health. Check out its condition

Signs of expired makeup are

They are Dried Out – When mascara is dry or gluggy, its well past its due date. It could cause irritation and infection. If it slides out of the tube shiny you need to wipe away excess product

They have Cracks – If cream shadows, blush or lip products are dry or cracked, expect inferior application You can revive blush or lipstick by mixing with petroleum jelly.

They have Spots or Fuzz – The sign of spots or fuzz is actually A fungus hence whatever the product it is, just do not use it anymore. Never add water to make it last longer. It dilutes preservative, creating a bacteria breeding ground.

The Product Separate – Products with active ingredients such as dandruff shampoo or sunscreen have separated they are probably turned.

The Texture Changes – Bin cream that is too thick, thin or grainy, shows changes in the texture especially if it has vitamin such as A and C.

The Color Changes – Makeup pigments are sensitive to light so it is normal for them to change particularly those in clear plastic packaging. If there is a dramatic change in color, then throw it away.

They Smell Funny – Skincare products are light and heat sensitive and can turn if not kept in cool or dark room.

They no longer look good – A new foundation leaves your skin radiant and dewy. The day it stops doing this, you must stop using this.

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How to Know Your Makeup Has Expired |skinsecrets
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How to Know Your Makeup Has Expired |skinsecrets
Get the information to Signs Your Make Up Has Expired.

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