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New Trends for Pets Spa in 2018


New Trends for Pets Spa in 2018

Gone are the days when people kept dogs just as guards for their homes. Unlike olden days, pet lovers treat now dogs as their family members, who sleep with them on beds and make them sit on the couches and hence understand the necessity of keeping their Pets groomed and clean more than ever before.

  • Pet spa is designed for those who seek a lavish life for their beloved pets. Pet spa takes care of the Pet’s health, nutrition and provides fun for your pet. It refers to both the cleaning of dogs and their hygienic care. It may also refer to the physique of the pets.
  • Pet spa would indeed mean an upgrade of the physical appearance of the pets and enhancing the pet’s hygiene state. Grooming the pets is an important part of pet care. The Pets would pamper your pet depending on the breed, age, and health of the dog. Regular grooming helps to ensure the pet is healthy and comfortable.

Pet spa and salon services include, Deshedding, dematting, ear cleaning, eye cleaning, teeth brushing, nail clipping, ticks and flea treatment, conditioning, skin treatments for dandruff, itching, fungal and bacterial infections and color enhancement treatments and various haircuts according to the breed.

  • There are standard breed cuts like, puppy cut and summer cut, underpaid hair trimming, sanitary area trimming, blow drying and hair setting. Those who want special pampering for their pets include other additional services like funky hair coloring, nail polishing, pedicure and oil massages among others.
  • As per the pet groomers in the city the cost of a pet grooming session depends on age, size, breed and condition of the pet and can range from Rs 500 to Rs 3000.
  • Besides a basic package or a high end package at a fixed price as per the breed of the dog, Some Special Spa offers a special discount of almost 70 percent (Rs 350) for people who have adopted Indian dogs. “This is to encourage them for more adoption and a way of saying thank you from us for adopting Indian strays and welcoming them to their homes.
  • Some professional groomers have more than 20 years of experience offering quality, affordable pet grooming for all breeds of dogs and cats. Its fully equipped to handle pets of any size, and pets who have difficulty with stairs.
  • Pets Spa professional staff will treat your pets with kindness and respect, and have them feeling, looking, and smelling their very best at a price you can afford. Its groom to your specifications, including breed clips, puppy cuts, and shave-downs. Its offer full grooms, addon, and additional services to fully pamper your pet. Your pet’s comfort and safety while in our care is our highest priority.



Pets Grooming Industry Trends
  • The pet grooming industry has witnessed a dramatic increase in luxury services for pets in recent years. What’s truly interesting is that people are willing to spend small fortunes on such services for pets, holistic massage , facials and other high-end treatments that in the past were reserved for humans.
  • The American Pet Products Association reports that people spent $3.36 billion on pet grooming and boarding services in 2009, which is expected to increase exponentially in the future.
  • What’s even more interesting is that people are willing to spend a paw and a leg on luxury services for pets in the midst of the worst economic climate since the Depression.
  • Plus, pets tend to be more appreciative of the nice things their human parents do for them. When pets come out of the grooming salons, they’re so happy that they literally dance around.
  • Why are people willing to spend tons of money on such services for pets, especially in a deep recession? My guess is because pets are the only beings on earth who offer us humans unconditional loyalty, respect and love That is priceless.
Pets Can Now Get Tattoos
  • One of the most unique new pet grooming trends for 2012 is pet tattoos.
  • Like people, pets have a variety of cool designs from which to use. Some pet businesses are even using this as a promotional tool, whereby they enlist their four-legged clients to sport their logos.
  • But unlike tattoos available for humans, these are temporary designs that eventually wash off when a pet is bathed.


New Trends for Pets Spa in 2018
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New Trends for Pets Spa in 2018
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