Prevent Calluses

How to prevent calluses to maintain your clear skin


How to Prevent Calluses and Meaning of Calluses.

Have you experienced having painful thickening skin on your feet after a long walk and jogging?Did you ever notice a thickening form of skin on your middle or ring finger that can sometimes be painful once applied with pressure?

These might already be callus forming irregularly in some parts of your body. Any repeated or frequent pressure and friction on your skin can cause callus. It is important to remove it immediately right from their early appearance before they thicken more and affect your health and clear skin.

Callus is a thickened skin that forms due to frequent exposure of some parts of your body to pressure and friction. The medical term for calluses is what they call hyperkeratosis. Calluses are not skin diseases.

Although calluses have almost similarities with corns, calluses are more diffuse and flat while corns are usually circular in shape and are dry. Calluses are mostly found on toes, fourth and fifth foot fingers and pinky, ring and middle fingers of your hands.

Calluses are uncomfortable, especially for all women who love to maintain their healthy and clear skin. Although it occurs normally and unpredictably, their occurrence can be prevented.

The following are some ways on how to prevent calluses to maintain your clear skin.

  • You can use hand moisturizers to keep your hands free from dryness. If you are working on some heavy tasks using your bare hands, you can use gloves to prevent too much friction.
  • Make sure that you are using proper socks and shoes that are comfortable on your feet to avoid them from rubbing. If you have a long walk, it is best if you rest for a few minutes to lessen the pressure.
  • You can also use felt pads on some bony point or parts to avoid friction.
  • Always keep your hands and feet clean to avoid calluses. Dirt inside your shoes can add friction that might lead to calluses.

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How to prevent calluses to maintain your clear skin|skinsecrets
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How to prevent calluses to maintain your clear skin|skinsecrets
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