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Are Intimate Wash Products For Women Good For You ? 2018 Guide


Are Intimate Wash Products For Women Good For You ? 2018 Guide

Most soaps and gels are designed to maintain the natural pH value of the skin, which is 5.5. However, the normal pH value of a healthy vagina ranges from 3.8 to 4.5. Using ordinary soap can disrupt the natural vaginal flora, thereby enabling the smooth development and multiplication of harmful bacteria. As a result, may appear irritation, itching, pain, odor, abnormal discharge or infection. So, be careful when buying products for intimate hygiene. Many gynecologists advise using only hot water, but if you decide that it is not enough, use only products designed for the care of the intimate zone.

  • The vagina has the ability to clear itself, so it isn’t necessary to wash the vagina inside, even it can be said that it is harmful. That means you should wash your vulva, the vaginal lips and the area around the clitoris.
  • At least once a day wash the intimate parts with hot water. It is recommended to wash your vagina after every emptying of the bowel (defecation) to prevent transmission of bacteria to the vagina. When you have your period, wash up twice a day with just hot water.
  • Sponges and gloves can cause minor injuries to the soft and delicate skin of the vagina. During the washing it is enough to use your hand.
  • Let the water run down from the top to prevent entry of bacteria inside.
  • The towel that you use after washing should be soft and completely dry. Change it every 2 to 3 days and use it only and only you.
  • After visiting the toilet, wipe with toilet paper from front to back, i.e. From the vagina towards the anus.
  • Cotton clothing enables the skin to breathe. Unlike cotton, synthetic materials prevent the circulation of air, increase the humidity in the intimate zone and thus create an ideal environment for the growth of bacteria. Wear everyday cotton underwear, and the lace panties – save them only for special dinners. Also, avoid the wearing of tight jeans and pants.
  • Moreover, it is very important that your partner maintains a good intimate hygiene too.
  • Therefore, avoid it. If you are prone to infection, wait until your menstrual bleeding passes.
  • You should not let yourself to stay with the same pad for more than 4 hours. In such a case, not only you wouldn’t feel fresh, but you give the right for the harmful bacteria to multiply.
  • You should never sleep with a tampon. The tampons should be changed regularly because they may cause infections or toxic shock syndrome, which is considered a potentially fatal disease. Do not use tampons if you have an infection.


Are Intimate Wash Products For Women Good For You ? 2018 Guide
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Are Intimate Wash Products For Women Good For You ? 2018 Guide
Get the information of Women’s Intimate Hygiene Are Intimate Wash Products Good For You ? or not.

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