How to Know Cause of Psoriasis in 2018

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How to Know Cause of Psoriasis in 2018

Skin diseases are one of the serious skin health problems nowadays. It affects your personality, especially your confidence. This is because of the unpleasant appearance that causes uncomfortable feeling. Aside from that, it can be a sign of having poor and serious health problem. There are different kinds of skin diseases that affect your health and glowing skin. Because of new technology and medication, they have now been treated to regain your confidence.

  • One of the serious skin diseases is psoriasis. It is a non-contagious skin health condition that is characterized with dry and red color thickened plaques skin. They are commonly found on the skin of knees, elbows and scalp. These skin scales is a result of rapid proliferation of more skin cells, which is triggered by lymphocytes that develop from the blood.
  • Although the causes of psoriasis are still unknown, there are two possible causes that might trigger this kind of skin health diseases. Psoriasis comes in different types including the common type psoriasis vulgaris, guttatte psoriasis, inverse psoriasis and pustular psoriasis. They are because of genetic predisposition and through environmental factors.
Genetic Predisposition
  • Generally, psoriasis is caused by abnormal functioning in the human immune system. In these cases, the T-cells, which are special human white blood cells become overactive. Because of the overactive of T-cells, skin cells multiply rapidly and attack the skin, thus produces red and dry thickened skin on the surface. Psoriasis are making skin cells mature rapidly just within 3 to 6 days.
Environmental Factors
  • Different kinds of psoriasis form depending on the environment. There is a belief that it also occurs hereditarily. Not all people who experience gene mutation have the possibility to have psoriasis. Some environmental factors such as streptococcal infections and injuries might also trigger the cause of psoriasis. Although research and studies still continue to trace the exact causes of psoriasis, these combinations will lead to potential results.


How to Know Cause of Psoriasis in 2018
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How to Know Cause of Psoriasis in 2018
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