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What Types of Scars.2018 Updated


What Types of Scars.2018 Updated

Scars are permanent mark which can be removed, but can be treated to make it softened. Whatever it is, small or big, it creates huge physical disturbances, especially if you are maintaining your healthy and clear skin. Today, because of the advancement of technology and medical issues, scars can be less noticeable.

Scars are regions of fibrous tissue that created unpleasant replace on normal skin. A scar is not a skin disease to be afraid of however they affect your health and glowing skin. A scar is a result of biological processes of wound or abrasion repair in your skin and tissues of your body. The cause of scars might due to acne, injury, burn, infection, scratches, insect bites and any other form that can hurt your skin.

There are different kinds of scars and they are classified according to their appearance. The following are some types of scars.

(1). Mature and Immature Scars

Immature scars are reddish, slightly elevated and sometimes painful. It turns mature once it became flat and you found pigmentation around the wound. As time passes, it becomes light and less noticeable.

(2). Widespread Stretched Scars

They are types of scars that are gradually widened or stretched as time passes. They are commonly found on knee and elbow.

(3). Atrophic Scars

Generally, they are small, flat and often conical in shape with inventing center. They are results after having chickenpox, or acne.

(4). Contractors

These are scars that found cross-joints on your skin. This angle is prone to have contracted and occur once the scar is not yet matured. They are cause of burn injuries and others.

(5). Linear Hypertrophic

This is also one of the results of surgery. Like others, they come in reddish color and itchy. They commonly develop a week after the surgery. The size of scar increases rapidly after months until it degenerate into mature type.

(6). Minor and Major Keloid

Minor keloid are focally raised and sometimes itchy which extends above the normal tissue. It may develop after years of any kind of injury. On the other hand, Major Keloids are large raised scars that are painful. Like minor, it extends above the normal tissues for many years.

What Types of Scars.2018 Updated
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What Types of Scars.2018 Updated
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