Shave Less Your Legs

Best 9 Ways to Shave Less Your Legs in 2018


Love your smooth and sexy legs ? But much effort to make it so as shaving, bleaching etc is very tiresome. Let me show you ways about how to shave less and have great sexy legs.hear given Best 9 Ways to Shave Less Your Legs.

(1). Exfoliate

Exfoliating brings hair out of the follicle, helping stands to get on the same growth cycle. Look for the products with salicylic acid or fruit enzymes for optimal results

(2). Begone,Oil

The reasons keep stacking up to spend time on a thorough, pre-shave scrub. Exfoliating removes any oils that are sitting on the skin’s surface, letting your razor get as close as possible.

(3). Use a Brush

Fascinated by the rough-looking brushes that dot barbershop counters? The took, often called a badger brush, is primarily used on your guy’s face.which doesn’t mean you can’t give it a spin, too! “You really get the closest shave with gel and a brush,

(4). Pick the Best Razor

all razors are definitely not created equal. Women who suffer from dry skin should pick up options that are made with moisturizing strips; ladies who suffer from sensitivity issues will do best with a pick crafted specially for their concern.

(5). Go Against the Grain

Along with making sure hair is well hydrated before beginning, Dr. Jaliman recommends shaving against the growth of your strands and using a fresh razor every time. We know that it might sound indulgent, but if it means less shaving, heck, we’ll try it. If constantly tending to your stubble stresses you out, the doc suggests looking into at-home hair removal systems

(6). Go Old-School

The method we’re most intrigued by comes courtesy of Kapil’s grandmother. “For excess facial hair, apply a mixture of besan and turmeric with a little water and rub it off once it dries

(7). Try Soy

Fight regrowth while hydrating your stems by shopping for a lotion that includes soy. Some studies have shown that the ingredient is effective at stunting growth and shrinking the hair shaft’s diameter, making this ingredient worth giving it a try.

(8). Diet Switches

Warding off stubble might be as simple as swapping up what you eat! Kapil suggests cutting back on refined carbs and increasing your intake of vitamin B6. Get it by adding more meat and fish to your diet; non-carnivore gals can try bananas, cabbage, broccoli, watermelon, and carrots

(9). Try Alternatives

If constant shaving is getting old but waxing or laser sounds too painful, investigate methods such as sugaring. “Sugar is known as a natural laser, and alternating a treatment with your regular shave will lessen hair growth dramatically.

Best 9 Ways to Shave Less Your Legs in 2018
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Best 9 Ways to Shave Less Your Legs in 2018
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