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Skin plays an important role in your everyday life as it offers a barrier against dehydration and infections. However, as the largest and most exposed body organs, it also suffers the harm of UV rays, harmful chemicals and many other potential threats. If your skin is left unsecured, irritation can happen. However, you can maintain your clear skin and be free from irritation with the appropriate product.

Flaxseed and Fresh Oil

Skin irritation might be because of your age, the environment you live in, the product you use and your lifestyle as well. This makes a lot of changes in your skin appearance. However, you can avoid skin irritation by consuming flaxseed and fish as it contains EFAs.

These vital fatty acids are helpful in keeping your skin hydrated and avoid it from the harmful effects of the product you use and the environment as well. You can ask your doctor about adding flaxseed and fish oil to your diet to aid obtain glowing skin and free from potential skin diseases.

For sensitive skin, which is ravaged easily by home skin irritants, pure petroleum jelly is the best irritation treatments which contain minimal amount of ingredients. When the abrasive home products touch your skin, they destroy your skin protective barrier. Then, once you use or apply chemical based moisturizer on the affected area, it results in skin irritation, itching, stinging, burning and redness.

Because petroleum jelly contains few harmless components, using this is gentle on your skin. Thus, AAD or American Academy of Dermatology suggests this product as skin rejuvenation safe to use in all parts of your body, including lips, hands and your feet. And since petroleum jelly is safe to use and obtain at a very reasonable price, you can use this as often as you want. This will help you to obtain clear skin.

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