Chiang Mai Spa Academy
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Chiang Mai Spa Academy, Thailand

  • Chiang Mai Spa Academy (CMSA) is a private school established in line with the government’s policies to create jobs for people at both individual and group levels. CMSA’s academic, will continue to adhere to its mission to train its students in both traditional and modern health spa therapies.
  • CMSA is a vocational institute dedicated to educating students through particular emphasis upon academic excellence and ethical values. It seeks to produce workforce who have the skills and ability to make a positive contribution to the society in which they live and work.

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Course Detail
Spa Treatment
(1). Intensive Spa Therapy
  • Facial Treatment.
  • Body Massage.
  • Body Scrub.
  • Body Mask.
(2). Thai Spa Therapy
  1. Thai Traditional Massage.
  2. Thai Herbal Hot Compress (Look Prakop Massage).
  3. Body Scrub with Thai herb.
  4. Body Mask with Thai herb.
  5. Foot Massage.
  6. Foot Treatment.
  7. Advance Facial Treatment.
  8. Thai Herbal Steam.
  9. Sauna.
(3). Beauty Spa Therapy
  1. Advance Facial Treatment.
  2. All aroma massage.
  3. All spa product.
  4. Body Scrub.
  5. Body Mask.
  6. Body Wrap.
  7. Manicure and Pedicle.
  8. Paraffin hand and foot.
  9. Waxing.
  10. Steam and Sauna.
(4). Professional Spa Therapy.
  1. Thai Traditional Massage.
  2. Thai herbal hot Compress.
  3. Aroma Body Massage.
  4. Swedish Body Massage.
  5. Body Scrub in West and Thai Style.
  6. Body Mask in West and Thai Style.
  7. Advance Facial Treatment.
  8. Foot Massage.
  9. Foot Treatment.
  10. Steam and Sauna

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