What are Different Spa Types

What are the Different Types of Spa. 2018 Updated


What are the Different Types of Spa. 2018 Updated

There are a lot of different kinds of spas available nowadays, from urban spas and day spas to weekend spas, hotel spas, destination spas as well as spa resorts. Check out the differences of these and find one that will suit best your spa requirements.

(1). Day Spas

Are you searching for the best spa experience with no accommodation needed? Day spas offer all the services and facilities of hotel spas and health spa without some residential accommodation. This is the great way to obtain the benefits of these treatments without consuming huge budget on your spa breaks with accommodation.

(2). Destination Spas

Destination spa provides residential accommodation facilities and services for clients. Typically, destination spa is referred to as health spa that offer three night stay or more, allowing the visitors to taste all the benefits of a full spa experience, including facial spa for clear and glowing skin or body spa for relaxing and soothing effect.

(3). Hotel Spas

Normally, hotel spas are a luxury spa place based in a traditional hotel. This type of spa differs from a destination spa because you just simply buy the beauty or spa treatment which attracted your fancy while residing at the hotel.

(4). Urban Spas

This type of spa is situated in the central city. Venues of urban spa frequently provide the same facilities and services as a hotel spa or destination spa. But, because of their location, this type of spa used frequently in the same way as day spa, a quick beauty and spa treatment service.

Most services offered in an urban spa include facial, body scrub, manicure and pedicure and a lot more. Most of the time, they focus on skin rejuvenation in order to achieve glowing skin like what the celebrities have.

There are many types of spas available for you, all of which provide comfort and relaxation. They also work well to give you clear skin to make you look more stunning and appealing.

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