Spider Veins and Causes of Spider Veins
Spider Viens

What are Causes of Spider Veins


What are Spider Veins and Causes of Spider Veins.

  • There are some instances that people experience some visible changes in their skin. As people grow old, there are lots of changes which are unpleasant to look at, such as rapid grow of moles, skin tags, and more.

  • Although they are normal and common these days, it affects your Healthy and glowing skin. One of the visible changes in most people is spider veins. They are most visible to people with white complexion.

  • Spider veins are common and not a kind of skin diseases that you have to be afraid of. In medical concerns, it is a result of abnormal flow of blood. It is mostly seen in people working in an office.

  • They spend most of their time sitting and standing almost for 8 hours. Spider veins are red or blue vessels found mostly on the legs and face. As people grow old, the wall of their veins becomes weak, thus improper flow of blood occurs.

  • Although it is normal in any person at all changes, women are most prone to spider veins. Spider veins are different from varicose veins, although they have similarities when it comes to the causes. Spider veins are smaller in size than varicose veins.

Causes of Spider Veins
  1. Aging is one of the causes of spider veins which are normal because the blood vessels become weak.

  2. Long seating or standing might also prone to spider veins since the blood can’t concentrate to flow normally. They are also a result from accidents and injuries. Exposure from extreme variation such as heat triggers the wall of your blood vessels not to work properly.

  3. Most women are prone to have spider veins because of changes in hormones and genetic predisposition after giving birth. They might also a side effect of using oral contraceptive and other hormonal supplements. Although it is normal, they have to be prevented to maintain your clear and glowing skin.

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