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Best Skin Care Tips For Summer 2018


Best Skin Care Tips For Summer 2018

Summer is the best time to enjoy outdoor activities. While the temperature rises and people go to beaches to have fun during this season, the need for skin protection also increases at the same time. Summer skin needs special care for protection and at the same time, maintain the cleanliness of it.

By following the glowing skin tips provided below, you will be able to enjoy the season without the need to think about the possible skin damage.

  1. Protect your skin – too much exposure to harmful rays of the sun may lead to nasty sunburn. Aside from temporary pain and peeling of the skin may happen when you have a sunburn and repeated cases may increase your risk of premature wrinkles, discoloration of skin and the worse, skin cancer.
  2. Using a broad – spectrum sunscreen for every 2 hours while doing outdoor activities will protect your skin against too much exposure to the sun. You could also use sunscreen and apply it 30 minutes prior to going out for maximized sun protection.
  3. Soothe the inflamed skin – sunburn may happen and it is inevitable despite you are doing what you can to protect your skin. You can soothe the pain by washing the affected skin with lukewarm or cold water, but never attempt to scrub your skin. Apply a non-prescription sunburn relief product. You may also use cold plain yogurt, blended cucumber salve, witch hazel as well as skim milk.
  4. Clean and hydrate your skin – you should wash your body more often during this season, but use mild soaps to avoid skin damage. You must also use warm water to lessen excessive dehydration of your skin. Apply a lotion with a moisturizer after bathing or rinsing your face. This will help you to have healthy and glowing skin.
  5. Summer diet – skin needs water to make it healthy yet you will sweat during hot weather. Drink plenty of water every day and bring a bottle of water in each time you go out to prevent dehydration.
Best Skin Care Tips For Summer 2018
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Best Skin Care Tips For Summer 2018
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