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How to prevent skin to sunburn in 2018


How to prevent skin to sunburn in 2018

Sunburn is very common during the summer. Most people doing various activities such as snorkeling, surfing, beach volleyball and others can experience sunburn. Most countries that live in the northern part of the world love to spend their holidays or leisure time on the beach.

Despite of the fun and enjoyment brought by the summer, sunburn causes uneven complexion that can affect your health and glowing skin. It is advised to not be overwhelmed by sunburn and compromise your fun summer experience. Sunburn can be prevented while enjoying your vacation.

Sunburns are a form of burn living tissues brought by intensive exposure to radiation. The normal symptoms of having sunburn are reddish and itchy skin, fatigue, hot sensation once touched and mild dizziness. When not immediately treated, sunburn affects having clear skin and serious health cases.

Too much exposure to UV or ultraviolet rays can cause skin cancer. To avoid them, you have to consider its causes to prevent from these skin problems. Sunburn also can cause infection and skin diseases once neglected. The following are some tips on how to prevent sunburn while enjoying the presence of summer.

  • First is to consider commercial preparation like sunblock lotions. You have to use sunblock with SPF, which has the ability to suppress sun rays. Studies show that effective protection can be achieved 15 to 30 minutes before exposing to sun rays.
  • You have to limit your stay under the sun. It is necessary not to stay long out of the sun between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm.
  • Wear protective clothing as possible to maintain your clear skin. Having healthy and glowing skin is your responsibilities. If you are maintaining your complexion, get some shade for a moment. It is better to use shades from cottage or trees than a beach umbrella because water and sand have the ability to reflect radiation.
How to prevent skin to sunburn in 2018
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How to prevent skin to sunburn in 2018
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