Sylvester Rodgers
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Sylvester Rodgers Bollywood Hair Stylist


Famous Bollywood Hair Stylist Sylvester Rodgers.

  • Sylvester Rodgers is also called “Sylvie” in Bollywood industry.
  • Sylvester Rodgers is an Indian celebrity hairstylist. She left her job of a surgeon just to become a hair stylist.
  • Sylvie was brought up in Kolkata and completed her studies in Darjeeling. In order to pursue further education, she went to England and opted for medicine. Her passion for Hair Styling increased when she was on a holiday at Chicago and she was introduced to Hair Styling by her cousin.
  • She has gone on to become one of the most popular names in the fashion circuit of Mumbai.
  • As a hairstylist she initially started as a hairdresser in a salon and gradually opened her own salons at different places.

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Sylvester Rodgers Bollywood Hair Stylist |skinsecrets
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Sylvester Rodgers Bollywood Hair Stylist |skinsecrets
Get the information of Bollywood Hair Stylist Sylvester Rodgers Which is Also Called as "Sylvie "

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