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4 Amazing Pre-Wedding Skin Care Tips


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(1). Get The Weekly Body Massage

A bull body message not only relieves stress and pain, it boosts circulation, which in turn helps dissolve the accumulated fat in the body. Also, the natural oils used for the message help nourish the skin.

(2). Change Your Habits

Pre wedding preparation is the best time to kick bad habits and welcome some skin friendly ones. Say no to binging, oily food and starch. Cut down on your salt and sugar intake. Make sure you have your dinner by 7 and avoid crabs at night.

(3). Go to Smart Diet

Nothing feels as good as slimmer, fitter you. Smart changes in your diet will help shed extra kilos and get you glowing. A balanced diet rich in protein and fiber is what you should aim for. Protein helps skin cells repair and rejuvenate, resulting in softer and smoother skin. Fiber have a high satiety value and make you feel fuller for a longer period of time. Eat six to seven small meals in a day. Include lots of fruits and salads in your diet.

(4). Exercise More

Exercise beats stress and does wonders for a bride to be’s hair. Skin and nails. Start exercising before the wedding. If you are regular at the gym increase the intensity of your workouts three to four months before the wedding. Pilates enhances flexibility and traditional yoga is calming.

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4 Amazing Pre-Wedding Skin Care Tips  |skinsecrets
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4 Amazing Pre-Wedding Skin Care Tips |skinsecrets
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