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About Twacha Clinic

Twacha clinic for hair transplantation and other skin treatments is known for its excellence and innovation. The in-house experts proficiently carry out hair transplant surgery using Follicular Unit Extraction and Follicular Unit Transplant methods for safe and effective hair transplant procedures.

Consultant dermatologist-cosmetologist and laser surgeon

It’s well equipped with top end technology like, Laser machines for permanent hair reduction, anti aging, skin tightening, tattoo removal and so on.We have all advanced peeling treatments for acne, pigmentation and scar. We have fully functional operation theater for cutaneous surgeries. Also other treatments like dermal abrasion, rollers, Meso therapy For Hair Loss also available.

About Twacha Skin Hair Clinic
  • Twacha skin and hair clinic offers diagnosis and management of all types of skin, hair and nail disorders, with special focus on Cosmetic Dermatology and Pediatric dermatology. Dr. Johny has undergone further training and has good experience in Cosmetic Dermatology. Dr. Preethi has further specialized in Pediatric Dermatology, a specialty dealing with skin disorders in children. At Twacha, the doctors wish to use their knowledge and experience in the best possible way to help patients deal with their skin and hair problems.
  • The Twacha Skin Clinic has been working with patients to provide the best dermatological care for patients.Presenting complete comprehensive skin care under one roof. Your appearance greatly affects the way you and others feel about yourself. It is therefore perfectly natural for you to want to always look & feel your best at any age. Its main aim at Twacha Skin Clinic is very simple Its Provide the best quality skin treatment with effective and modern methods.
  • The clinic aims to provide scientific, time-tested medicated skin care in a soothing and calming ambience. The clinic also aims to spread awareness about scientific skincare among all classes of the society, thereby preventing people from falling prey to misleading skin care adverts and promises.
Twacha Skin Clinic Reviews
  • It was my first time experience with the Twacha skin clinic and I’m more than impressed. My adult acne problems were making me feel uncomfortable among my contemporaries, but Doctor Tapesh Sharma helped me and treated my skin and today it is completely acne free. I’m thankful to the clinic staff as well for cooperation and help during the treatment.Geetika Singh
  • My busy life schedule made it impossible to take care of myself and when I visited the pedicure salon I was informed that my toenail is infected and i should consult with the specialist. The Twacha Skin Clinic is a patient friendly clinic where the doctors and staff cooperate to provide proper treatment. I was given proper treatment and the fungal effect was controlled. Thanks to Twacha Skin Clinic.Vanika Kohli
  • I’m in my early twenties and it was really horrible to see myself going bald. This problem was affecting me
    Lifestyle and were making me under confident. My friends recommended the Twacha Skin Clinic and so I took an appointment with the doctor Tapesh Sharma and he assured me that there is a treatment for my hair condition. My hair condition is getting better after the treatment and I would like to recommend other patients who are suffering from the same problem. Abhishek Rana
  • My wrinkle problems were becoming worse and making me look more than my actual age. I had lost all hopes and had thought i would have to compromise with my condition but the Twacha Skin Clinic proved a blessing for me. Dr. Tapesh Sharma recommended me the laser treatment for my wrinkle problems and also explained me the treatment procedure. I’m happy that I took his advice and gone through the treatment. Ranjana Sethi

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2018 Twacha Skin Clinic
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2018 Twacha Skin Clinic
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