Make a Safe and Healthy Uttarayan with best skin care tips

Safe And Healthy Uttarayan 2018 Skin Care Tips in 2018


Safe And Healthy Uttarayan 2018 Skin Care Tips in 2018

Uttarayan is the festival where all of us spend most of the time on roof-tops, under the sizzling sun rays. These radiations have very harmful impact on us like skin-care, heat stroke, skin tanning etc.

Here some given effective tips so enjoy Uttarayan with best skin care tips.

(1). Use Full sleeved clothes and use coverings
  • Exposing your skin and other parts of your body to the harmful radiations of sun is no brainer. Skin will get tanned due to this. So, the best way is to cover the whole body.
  • Use full sleeved clothes, it’ll prevent tanning of arms and legs. Remember to cover your face, when the surroundings get too hot! Better yet, use and umbrella.
  • Again, a must do in your case! Before going to the rooftop, make sure that you generously apply a good sunscreen cream on parts of your body, which will be exposed. Particularly apply it on the face.
  • Make sure that the cream is SPF 30 and above. It has been proven to block the harmful sunrays from harming the skin. Further, it also prevents skin tanning.Skin care Tips For Uttarayan
(2). Use a sun screen
  • Using a sun screen lotion is a must. Apply sun screen on all the parts of your body that are exposed to sun. It will prevent tanning of your skin.
(3). Stay away while the intensity of sun is at its peak
  • Avoid going out in afternoon when the radiations of sun are maximum. It may damage your skin badly. Try to stay indoors during this time.
  • If you forgot to use the sunscreen than, these handy and clever curing tips will help you to cure damaged skin.
(4). Removing sun tan.
  • Many of us still get hit by sun tan. To remove sun tan, there are many natural remedies like applying- curd, buttermilk, milk, cucumber extracts etc.
  • Keep it for 30 minutes and wash with cold water. Repeat this on a daily basis until the tanning fades away.
(5). Prevent skin inflammation
  • Inflammation of the skin is a major problem during Uttarayan. Apply a good moisturizer after washing your face. It will rejuvenate the skin. Applying cucumber paste will also help a lot in making the skin calmer and cooler.
(6). Skin-tillating issues
  • Always use sun-screen lotion which has at least 30 SPF ideally after every four hours. Apply a thin layer of foundation as it will also act as a protective layer against harsh sun rays.
(7). Don’t go out when the intensity of radiation is maximum
  • Sun rays are not totally bad. Actually, the very strong radiation is what does the maximum damage! So, it is that ‘strong radiation’ that you should really be scared ofStay indoors, while the radiation is very strong.
  • This time of strong radiation falls between 1 PM to 4 PM. Try to stay indoors during this time.

How to cure skin damage sustained due to strong Sun rays

(1). Tips to remove sun tan
  • Despite taking good preventive measures, many of us still get hit by sun tan! Throughout the day, wash your face repeatedly with running cold water.
  • To remove sun tan, there are many natural remedies. Like applying- curd, buttermilk, milk, cucumber extracts etc.
    Apply any of the above ingredient on the affected parts of your body. Keep it there for 30 minutes and wash it off Repeat this process until the tan mark gets light and fades away. Definitely, it’ll take some time for this to happen.
(2). Tips to prevent skin inflammation
  • Inflammation of the skin is another such problem seen after celebrating Uttarayan. The cause for it is the damage at microscopic level done to the skin.
  • The first thing to do to cure it is by washing face with cold water and applying moisturizer. This will rejuvenate the skin and help undo some damage.
  • Cucumber paste will help a lot in reducing inflammation and calming the skin. Apply the paste on the affected parts and leave it there for 30 minutes, before washing it off.
(3). Curing skin cuts and wounds
  • Cuts and wounds are an unavoidable part of Uttarayan. The sharp manja is enough to cause small and big cuts on our skin.
  • At the end of the day, wash your hands and the wounded parts thoroughly using water and an antiseptic solution. Apply some pure turmeric solution onto the wound and tie it up.

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Safe And Healthy Uttarayan 2018 Skin Care Tips in 2018
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Safe And Healthy Uttarayan 2018 Skin Care Tips in 2018
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