Dressing Tips For Valentine’s Day

Best Dressing Tips For Valentine’s Day

(1). T-shirt with Jeans
  • If you want to stay casual yet stylish on Valentine’s Day, you can wear the feminine tube or sleeveless pink color top or the romantic red color tee with a pair of slim fit jeans. To compliment the look, leave your hair open in freestyle curls or waves. For your love, you should look beautiful and attractive with any dress.
  • However, if your man loves the sporty look, wearing a T-shirt with a funny or romantic tee over ripped low waist jeans is a big turn-on. This will help in keeping the mood completely relaxed and comfortable throughout the day without adding creases to your forehead.
(2). Hot Pants and Poncho
  • Many women believe that hot pants look best on their figure when teamed up with a poncho. The ponchos are loose-fitting and change the proportion of the figure. The funky and stylish look with a poncho top can be great if you are planning for a day out.
  • Tie a rough bun or braids and wear tie up slippers to get the casual look which is really appealing to men especially during the day time. You can sport the casual yet funky look which works great on you irrespective of your build. This is one hot favorite dress women can wear on Valentine’s Day 2012! You can even wear the combo for an evening date. Try high heels to enhance the stylish evening look.
(3). Chiffon Knee-Length Wear
  • How about flaunting a knee length chiffon dress this time? The fabric material will show off your figure and look stunningly attractive! If you are seeing someone over a cocktail party or a semi-formal celebration this year, you can try a white or black chiffon dress for a change.
  • Cocktail dresses for women mostly are fashioned just above the knee to mid-thigh to add a sensual look to the appearance. To get the valentine’s touch in your outfit, try some adornments like a red pouch or red footwear. You can also try a brooch or a belt to heighten the elegance of the dress.
(4). Gowns
  • You can show off your style and grace, adding oodles of sensuality to your feminine look for the romantic evening with a deep neck slim fit gown. It can be of any length short, medium or long. Pair up with pencil heels and sport a bun or beehive hairstyle.
  • If the dress color is light such as white or gray, don’t forget to highlight your eyes with some rich eyeshadow and eyeliner. A deep neck gown in pink or red color will be ideal for women to dress for Valentine’s Day. To flaunt your neck cut, wear a nice necklace.

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