Skincare Tips For Valentine’s Day

12 Ways to Look Perfect for Valentine’s Day


How to look on Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day that brings out love and thankfulness for each other, as well as the desire to look our best. It’s date night taken to the extreme. With the traditional pre date pampering hair color, manicures and facials and products we slather on the day of cologne, aftershave, makeup and face creams we are anything but love to ourselves

We spend all this time and money to make ourselves look and feel our best, and the very things we are using to accomplish this are aging us faster and slowing us down.

Even if green and chemical-free is not your thing, think twice this Valentine’s Day before you slather scented lotion or spray on cologne. The chemicals in these products can clog pores, destroy collagen causing premature aging enter your bloodstream, polluting your body, and can irritate skin and cause skin sensitivity, rashes, redness, itching, and swelling. This wastes time, money, energy, and puts your skin, looks and health in the hands of chemical cocktails.

(1). Wrinkles

Avoid drinking out of straws. The pursing of the lips causes unnecessary wrinkles. Save that expression for kissing!

(2). Teeth Whitening

Remember to make sure you have gone through your teeth whitening routine. If not, get an appointment and get it done now.

(3). Love Your Hair

Men love the hair.  It’s the feminine touch they can’t get enough of.  The dry, cold winter months can do a number on your locks.  I recommend doing a deep conditioning treatment a couple days before.If you do it the night before you run the risk of weighing your hair down.  Try out your hair style ahead of time.  When in doubt, you can never go wrong with wearing it down with a bit of curl.

(4). Under Eye Puffiness

To prevent under eye puffiness, sleep with your head slightly elevated (on two pillows) to reduce fluid retention. It’s also important to avoid using heavy eye cream.

(5). Large pores

The best way to shrink large pores? Exfoliate often. This reduces how deep the pore indents into the skin resulting in a smaller pored look. Read more tips on how to shrink large pores…

(6). Oily skin

Treating oily skin with harsh products only makes the skin produce more oil.

(7). Dry Skin

After cleansing, IMMEDIATELY use a toner and moisturizer. If you leave your skin bare for more than 1 minute, it will start to dehydrate. Read more about why you should never leave your skin naked.

(8). Blackheads

Most all of us have them and most all of us hate them.

(9). Acne and Blemishes

All blemishes are not equal. Whiteheads, blackheads, pustules and cystic acne must all be treated differently.Read about how to care for the different types of acne breakouts.

(10). Rosacea

When in doubt, do a patch test. For extremely allergic skin, rub a small amount of product on the side of your neck and wait 24 hours

(11). Sensitive Skin

Most people think they have sensitive skin because they get irritated to harsh products. It’s the harsh products that are the problem, not your skin.

(12). Dull, tired-looking skin

Has your skin lost its glow? Exfoliate

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12 ways to look perfect for Valentine’s Day |skinsecrets
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12 ways to look perfect for Valentine’s Day |skinsecrets
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