How To Get Sparkling White Teeth For That Gorgeous Smile!!

17 Best tips to get sparkling white teeth


We make lot of efforts to make sure we look the best every day. We normally tends to focus more on our outward things like , skin glow, wrinkle free face , fair skin, good clothes , trendy shoes , latest fashion bags and what not.

There are few more internal factors which makes us beautiful every day on which we need to focus more. One of the most important that makes us beautiful is out smile. Smile is probably the least cost ornament any women can wear !

To get that perfect smile you need to have sparking white teeth too ! Can you smile beautifully with yellow teeth? No . Let me share with you some tips to get your sparking with teeth

  1. Say No To Certain Beverages.
  2. Avoid Drugs and Smoke.
  3. Rub Strawberry every fortnight to get shine on your teeth.
  4. Orange peel is also good teeth whitener. Rub its inner side along your teeth to get white sparkle.
  5. Apple prevents bad smell and keeps your teeth healthy and white.
  6. Lemon prevents sensitivity . A pinch of salt mixed in lemon would give you shiny and white teeth.
  7. Vinegar and Mustard oil are good substances for white teeth.
  8. Avoid bleaching our teeth as the chemical in it might ruin your teeth.
  9. Avoid chewing your nails as it affects look of your teeth.
  10. Visit your dentist on regular basis to get check up of your teeth.
  11. Use soft brush.
  12. Brush longer, if you can brush for 10 minutes , it will be great.
  13. Brush twice a day.
  14. You can use a whitening toothpaste for brush
  15. Floss your teeth once a day.
  16. Avoid dark color drinks and food that stain your teeth such as coffee and wine.
  17. Buy whitening kit you can use at home.

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White Teeth - How To Get Sparkling White Teeth|skinsecrets
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White Teeth - How To Get Sparkling White Teeth|skinsecrets
Get the information of How To Get Sparkling White Teeth For That Gorgeous Smile!!

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