Winter Skin Care Tips
Seasonal Skin Care Tips

Best Winter 2018 Skin Care Tips


Best Winter 2018 Skin Care Tips

Cold weather is not good for your skin since it can reduce the natural oils to keep it hydrated. This will lead to chapped, cracked and flaky skin, which is unpleasant to touch and is usually itchy. Dryness of skin could also irritate your skin and aggravate the symptoms of certain skin diseases like eczema.

Fortunately, there are glowing skin tips that can help your skin stay healthy. To have a healthy and beautiful skin, you should do the following.

(1). Care for Your Face
  • The skin on your face is usually exposed to harmful elements present during the winter season. When the weather is cold, you may use facial emollient lotions that contain vitamin E, aloe-vera and glycerin.
  • Choose those products that are made to moisturize the face and ensure that they are hypoallergenic and will never cause clogging of your pores. Also, you should pay attention to your lips and keep it nourished by using a lip balm with SPF 30 before you go out.
(2). Body Skin Care
  • Put a limitation on the number of times you take a bath everyday and try to make it last within 10 minutes only. Use warm water instead of cold to help your skin maintain the natural oils that keep it hydrated. Also, you should use a mild bathing soap with moisturizer but use it when you need to only.
  • To dry your skin, pat it instead of rubbing to prevent irritation. Leave your body slightly damp then apply moisturizer for every 3 minutes to lock in the moisture required by your skin. To make your body fully hydrated, use a humidifier when you sleep at night, but make sure that all windows and the door are closed.
(3). Hand Skin Care
  • Protecting your hands against the coldness brought by the winter season is significant to avoid flare-ups of dehydrated skin.
  • Do not forget to use gloves before you go out and wear a rubber one when you wash the dishes. Apply hand moisturizer to keep your hands hydrated as well.
Best Winter 2018 Skin Care Tips
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Best Winter 2018 Skin Care Tips
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