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How to care skin in Winter For Teenagers


Enjoy Dewy Soft Skin in Winter For Teenagers

As the fun filled days of summer give way to the harsh dry winds of winter, teenagers find themselves suddenly bombarded with problems like chapped lips, dry broken skin, itchy elbows etc. In addition to this, hormonal changes already taking place in teenagers often result in the appearance of T-zone, acne etc.

Life becomes boring with their enforced stay indoors as braving the cold winds result in further discomfort with the skin becoming even more chapped, dry and flaky.

Take short steamy showers

Even though nothing can compare to the comfort of taking of a hot steamy shower in the winter, such showers tend to wash away the natural oils from the skin leaving it dry. Hence showers taken during winter should always be fast and short. Mild, unscented soaps should also be used to prevent drying of the skin.

Use moisturizers liberally

Liberal use of moisturizers, especially after a bath, helps restore body oils externally thereby leaving your skin dewy soft. Drinking lots of water enhances this process by hydrating the skin from inside. Application of a good cold cream at night also helps to soften the skin and nourish it during winter.

Moisturizing chapped lips

Chapped lips can cause a lot of discomfort to teenagers. The absence of any oil glands in the lips makes them susceptible to the cold and extra care needs to be taken to ensure they remain beautiful and soft.

  • The best way to get rid of chapped lips is to always keep them covered with lip balm. Lip balms available in the market are very easy to carry and teenagers should always carry one in their bags whenever they go out.
  • Licking the lips to wet them should be avoided at all times. The cycle of wetting and drying of lips in the winter further leads to chapped lips.
  • Lips should be kept covered with a scarf, if possible, when going outdoors so that they can be protected from the dry cold winds blowing outside.

Teenage comes into our lives for a very short period, thus making it a special time when you can be carefree and mature at the same time. It is that time of our lives when we can have lots and lots of fun, adventure and frolic. There is no reason whatsoever, to spend winter sitting at home because you are afraid of getting dry skin or chapped lips.

However, the establishment of a daily beauty regime and following a few simple precautions can also make winter time as beautiful and carefree as that of spring or summer. By following some simple steps not only can teenagers prevent their skin from becoming dry and flaky, they can also enjoy playing in the snow.

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