Smart Work Wear Essentials for Working Women

How To Do Smart Work Essentials for Working Women in 2018


How To Do Smart Work Essentials for Working Women in 2018

Adding a dose of style to your daily work routine is a challenge for most working women. After all apart from looking good, you want your clothes to spell comfort too! but nowadays with dress codes more relaxed, looking effortlessly stylish isn’t a task, we show you how.

(1). Apparels

Want to sport little color at work ? if yes then look for bright separates as well as finishing
pieces, such as bright hued shoes a neon bag or statement necklace. Lending a little personality to otherwise staid pieces is a great and affordable way to be on trend without scarifying too much money or time to achieve the look

(2). White Shirt

The white shirt is a wardrobe staple that can be worn with everything in your closet. It can be dressed up with a cardigan or dressed down with a pair of jeans or leggings. A good white shirt may be challenging find, but it is worth the splurge

(3). Formal Black Dress

A Black dress is the go-to dress for all occasions. Whether worn with a cardigan or by itself or with simple or statement Jewellery. It is must have

(4). Pencil Skirt

The pencil skirt is the new power skirt .this style complements any body type. It can be paired with jacket from your site and white top

(5). Neutral Tone Pants

For less formal look in the office a neutral pant in khaki or white is a great wardrobe canvas to one and can be paired with trendy shirts, t-shirts and cardigans

(6). Assortment of Tank Tops and Tshirts

Tank tops are great layering pieces that can be worn with more casual looks in your wardrobe .some offices allow them to be worn with suits and sleek sandals on casual days.

(9). Belts and Shoes

Belts are not longer just for the sake of holding your pants up! They have become the accessory of the choice that gives style boost to jackets, dresses or cardigans. Another wardrobe essential is a pair of black pumps with an elegant heel. These team well with all kinds of outfits

(10). Jwellery

Teaming up office clothes with Jewellery will not jus stylish your look but also add a feminine
touch .Whether you prefer yellow gold Jewellery, sterling silver or white gold to complete your ensemble, from rings to chains, there is wide variety to choose from

(11). Chain Bracelet

The more delicate and fine bracelet, the more it will make your look elegant and refined. The best thing about chain bracelet is that they work for casual events as well as formal events

(12). Gold Hoop earrings

They come practically in every size and price ! Nowadays there are many variations in designs for hoops

(13). Diamonds studs

Diamonds look great on anyone ,anytime and anywhere .They pair well with a trouser or a formal dress. Whether your style is sporty or sophisticated, diamond studs are perfect with any style. They are most favored and sought after gemstones

(14). Layering Chains

This chain necklaces add sophistication and polish to any official dress

(15). Finger Rings

A ring is that statement Jewelry which will complete your work wear wardrobe. A diamond or pearl ring can work for casual as well as formal wear

(16). Pearls

Pearls are classic and always in style. Any corporate attire with a strand pearl looks elegant. Whenever you are going for a business meeting or having an important presentation, adorn yourself with pearl earrings and a pendant. It will give you a professional, yet feminine look.


How To Do Smart Work Essentials for Working Women in 2018
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How To Do Smart Work Essentials for Working Women in 2018
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